Amazing Magic in the Secret Garden of Princess Daisy

Spray Rose Amazing Magic decorated the rooms at Ksiaz Castle in Wałbrzych, Poland.

By: ZBIGNIEW DZIWULSKI | 17-05-2023 | 5 min read
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As a floral designer, I am constantly seeking inspiration from the beauty of nature. When I was invited to decorate one of the castle halls for the XXXIII Festival of Flowers and Art at Ksiaz Castle in Wałbrzych, Poland, I was thrilled. The theme for this year's festival was "The Secret Garden of Princess Daisy," paying homage to one of the castle's most famous residents. Princess Daisy had a deep love for flowers and enjoyed surrounding herself with their enchanting presence. This is how I added some magic to the rooms at Ksiaz Castle with Spray Rose Amazing Magic.

Spray Rose Amazing Magic at Ksiaz Castle

The Spray Rose Amazing Magic, with its delicate salmon petals and abundance of blooms, became the focal point of the Secret Garden. Its elegance and captivating fragrance added depth and allure to the overall design. The versatility of these roses allowed me to incorporate them into various arrangements, from lavish centerpieces to delicate floral accents, each showcasing the roses' beauty in a unique way.

For my project, I drew inspiration from the English garden style, which seamlessly blends with the natural landscape. The English garden, referring to natural landscape gardens, broke with artificiality and pomposity. English gardens are known for their freedom, romanticism, and naturalness, breaking away from artificiality and grandiosity. It was these aspects that I aimed to capture and portray in my design.


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Princess Daisy

She was one of the most famous inhabitants of this castle. Princess Daisy loved flowers, and she liked to surround herself with them. That is how I decorated a chamber in Ksiaz Castle, in her memory.

The floor of the chamber was covered with a flower meadow, full of various flowers. One of them was the Amazing Magic spray roses. These flowers raised the value of this flower meadow and gave it lightness. Their delicate salmon color and the large number of flower buds on the stem added charm to the entire arrangement, which occupied about eight square meters of space.

Another challenge for me was to ensure that the composition looked attractive and fresh for the entire five days of the festival. Spray roses, which I embedded in the floral sponge, coped very well with this. They were magnificent and beautiful until the end of the festival.



Tens of Thousands of Visitors

The anticipation leading up to the festival was palpable. Tens of thousands of people flocked to the castle, eager to immerse themselves in the wonders that awaited them. As they entered the room, their senses were immediately captivated by the sight of a magnificent flower meadow nestled among the antique furniture that adorned the space.

The room exuded an ethereal ambiance, as if time had momentarily stood still. The air was filled with the intoxicating scent of roses, and the colors of the blooms danced in harmony with the soft sunlight filtering through the windows. It was a sensory experience that left visitors awestruck and transformed their perception of what a room could be.

But it wasn't just the visual allure of the Secret Garden that left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who beheld it. It was the symbolism that resonated deeply within them—the idea that amidst the grandeur of a castle, nature's beauty could still thrive and inspire. The room became a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, a testament to the power of nature to soothe and uplift the human spirit.

As the festival unfolded, I witnessed firsthand the impact that this floral creation had on the castle's visitors. Countless individuals, young and old, were enchanted by the immersive experience. They paused in awe, their eyes drinking in the sight before them, and for a moment, they were transported to a realm where the boundaries between man and nature dissolved.


Zbigniew Dziwulski with Team at Ksiaz Castle on Thursd


A Symbol of Hope

The Secret Garden of Princess Daisy had become more than just an exquisite floral arrangement—it had become a symbol of hope, a reminder that amidst the chaos of the world, beauty could still flourish. It had touched the hearts of those who beheld it, leaving an imprint that would endure long after the festival's conclusion.

As I reflect upon the creation of the Secret Garden, I am reminded of the transformative power of flowers. They have the ability to transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, and create moments of profound connection. In this project, I had the privilege of bringing a touch of nature's magic into the lives of those who wandered into Princess Daisy's realm. The overwhelming response to the Secret Garden of Princess Daisy fueled my passion for floral design even further. It reinforced my belief that flowers have the power to touch our souls, to transport us to a place of serenity and beauty. It reminded me why I had chosen this path—to bring a little piece of nature's wonder into people's lives.



Zbigniew Dziwulski design at Ksiaz Castle


The Journey of Spray Rose Amazing Magic

But the journey of the Amazing Magic spray roses did not begin and end with me. It started with the breeders at United Selections, who meticulously selected and cross-pollinated roses to create this exceptional variety. Their expertise and dedication resulted in roses that captivate the senses and inspire awe. From there, the roses found their way to Sian Flowers and Flora Ola, two premier rose farms in Kenya.

Thank You

The implementation of the project would not have been possible if it had not been for the trust placed in me by the managers of the Ksiaz Castle and the Association of Polish Florists, which I represented. I would also like to thank my hardworking and talented assistants: Anna Gliwa, Anna Plecety, Magdalena Płoskonka, Magdalena Zukowicz, Małgorzata Wróblewska-Tylus, and Piotr Konieczny.

Photos by Marcin Czech.


Zbigniew Dziwulski Team at Ksiaz Castle



Spray Rose Amazing Magic is bred by United Selections, and grown by Sian Flowers and Flora Ola.


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