Have Yourself a Nova Vita-Filled Christmas Holiday

The perfect winter white to curate a desirable decor for the season, with purity and brilliance.

By: KRISTINA RIMIENE | 13-12-2023 | 3 min read
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Rose Nova Vita

As winter kicks in with the whisper of snow-laden winds, the holiday season unfurls its magic. Amidst the festivities and the seasonal celebrations, a floral touch takes center stage. Just behold the Rose Nova Vita, a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty, making her way into the heart of Christmas traditions. In this season of wonder, where nature wraps itself in a shining blanket of white, Nova Vita emerges as the integral muse for crafting the exquisite charm of winter whites.

When Christmas is just around the corner, you want to start feeling it with all your heart. Most people associate the smell of the Christmas holiday time with gingerbread cookies and the smell of fir, pine, or kennel branches, so usually, as soon as November begins, people start decorating their homes and surroundings by implementing beautiful creative ideas using plants and flowers.

Rose Nova Vita, Perfect Winter White

Meanwhile, we florists want to create fresh-cut flowers all year round, for sure including Christmas. And what will best reflect the Christmas mood, frost carvings on the windows and snowflakes on the ground, if not snow-white roses? Rose Nova Vita by United Selections has a spectacular white and large flower head, so I had the pleasure and fun of creating a beautiful Christmas arrangement using this particular species of rose.


Rose Nova Vita
My arrangement of Rose Nova Vita 


The main signature of Christmas is the Christmas tree. During Christmas time, homes are often decorated with traditional decorations, garlands, and Christmas trees. So, I came up with the idea of ​​creating an improvised Christmas tree, the frame of which is made out of metal, and the main flower used is Rose Nova Vita. The whole design symbolizes the Christmas tree sleeping under loads of layers of snow, which will soon travel to a warm home and be decorated with shining Christmas tree toys and shining light garlands.

Invite the Charm and Purity of This Rose to Your Home

Being a brilliant, pure white rose, Nova Vita brings a shining light and infusion of purity into your homes for the holidays. She can easily be the center of attention in home-filled Christmas-themed decorations, blending so well with other color themes you have chosen for your Christmas.


Rose Nova Vita


A rose that is easy to work with, having almost no thorns, impressively big bud size, and a beautiful floral shape and opening. As a florist, it is the dreamy white rose with immense power to fuel impeccable floral inspirations and creativity within you. Like the delicate snowflakes drifting from the heavens, Nova Vita blooms with a grace that mirrors the season's pristine allure.


Rose Nova Vita
Purity and Charm of Rose Nova Vita


Its shining petals, a canvas of purity, come alive in the crisp air. It is the anticipation of joy, and renewal that comes from the season, that is the perfect charm and purity you need this Christmas, wrapped in this pure white rose.

Rose Nova Vita For You This Christmas!

The frosty mornings and the sweet melodies of Christmas jingle bells are a reminder that we need flowers and their magical touch in our homes. Rose Nova Vita is here to bring that seasonal harmony, integrating well with your winter-themed decorations.


Rose Nova Vita
Light and purity of Rose Nova Vita indoors


In the world of floristry, there is no time for flowers to rest. They want to live and make us happy all year round. So, thank you to United Selection for the invitation to create this Christmas rose project so that flowers will make us happy even in the freezing time of the year.


Rose Nova Vita


Remember this rose is available all year round at Decofresh, preorder now to enjoy and experience the beauty and charm of Rose Nova Vita this season.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Photos by Kristina Rimiene.


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