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A touch of luxury that leaves you craving for more, that's the power of Kenyan roses grown in the highlands of Timau region.

By: ROSEMARY KIMUNYA | 29-05-2024 | 5 min read
Kikwetu Flowers

After weeks of showcasing the breeders, it's time for my farm visits on Thursd to explore some of the key growers here in Kenya. We kick off with Kikwetu Flowers! The name 'Kikwetu' is more than just a word; it's a celebration of heritage, a nod to the culture, a mantra that resonates through every aspect of Kikwetu Flowers. It means 'Our Culture, Our Style, Our Way' in Swahili.

Established in 2019, Kikwetu Flowers is situated in the highlands of Timau region in Kenya, covering 19 hectares. They specialize in garden spray and premium roses, known for their massive head size, with the smallest measuring 5.5 cm. In Kikwetu’s words “If the quality is compromised and the bud size is unsatisfactory, do not give it to the customer.” This underscores their commitment to quality and taking care of their clients by providing exceptional quality premium roses year-round.

Quality, Premium Roses for You

To grow and produce quality roses is a journey, culminated by selecting and testing the right kind of rose varieties from the initial stage, breeders’ point. It is crucial to get your variety selection right and the team behind the growth and production. To stay in touch and up to date with the market demands, Kikwetu continuously sends sample roses to their target markets, especially from the new varieties added to their portfolio.


Kikwetu Flowers
Exceptional quality garden spray roses from Kikwetu Flowers


Feedback received thereof dictates if a variety will be selected further for commercial planting. This approach is effective because it allows Kikwetu to grow roses that amassed a positive review from their customers. Mathia Yinda, Director of Kikwetu Flowers affirms that ‘These are your roses, we are only growing them for you, in the best quality and premium range possible; thus, your feedback and participation is key to fully growing and producing roses that you desire and cherish.’

Not Only for Us but Also for Them

But it's not just about flowers; it's about raising a sense of belonging, developing the land that employs and sustains the local community, and honoring the same hands that tend to it. Through local employment and initiatives like building schools and providing clean drinking water, Kikwetu Flowers gives back to the community, sowing seeds of hope and success to the locals.


Kikwetu Flowers
Garden Spray Rose Julietta Cerise


The highlight of my visit was learning about the Kikwetu Football Team, which has won numerous accolades in the football tournament involving teams from other flower farms around the Timau area. They not only work hard but also play hard and recognize the importance of building great synergies amongst teams, that’s how quality and premium roses become an effortless and passionate venture for them. Buying Kikwetu’s quality and premium roses goes a long way in supporting the local community and giving the grower the muscle to continuously invest in initiatives that will improve the livelihoods of the surrounding population.

Some of Your Quality, Premium Roses

My visit could not be complete without a highlight of some of their roses. You will be amazed by the quality, color, and shape of their garden spray roses. Indeed, quality and premium roses are grown at Kikwetu Flowers.


Kikwetu Flowers
Harvesting of Rose Albatros


Here are some of the highlights you will love;

Rose Nova Vita: A pure white rose variety known for its elegance and purity, from the breeder United Selections. Rose Nova Vita is perfect for weddings, brides, and baby showers.

Rose Ever Red: A deep red rose variety bred by De Ruiter is perfect for expressing love, it maintains its vibrant red color throughout its lifespan.

Rose Roxanne: A soft cream-colored rose from Dümmen Orange with hints of peach, radiating with warmth and elegance.


Kikwetu Flowers


Spray Rose Pink Julietta: spray rose Pink Julietta is a famous garden spray rose from the breeder Georges Delbard, known for its great shape and amazing opening, ideal for mixed bouquets and even as a monochromatic.

Spray Rose Mansfield Park: A rose variety with soft pink petals tinged with apricot tones that would evoke gentle warmth and sweetness, perfect for weddings and baby showers. Spray Rose Mansfield from the breeder Jan Spek is a new infusion of premium and quality spray roses, that you must check and add to your portfolio.


Kikwetu Flowers
Amazing quality garden spray roses featuring varieties; Julietta Cerise, Mansfield Park, La Mandarina, and Sparkling Sensation 


Kikwetu Flowers has made significant inroads into markets in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, the UK, and Australia. They are committed to staying abreast of the ever-changing flower market trends and needs to satisfy their clients globally. Indeed, behind every stem, there's a story waiting to be told. It's the Kikwetu way – where culture, style, and nature intertwine to create the so beautiful and resilient roses!

Meet Kikwetu Flowers at IFTEX 2024

Interested to learn about the different varieties available at Kikwetu Flowers? Worry not, they will be exhibiting in the upcoming IFTEX 2024, at booth C1.10. Apart from the highlighted varieties above, you will find a wide range of varieties awaiting you at their colorful booth. Their incredible, professional, and friendly team will be eager to welcome you too!


Kikwetu Flowers


Go experience the quality and premium side of life, the Kikwetu way, and share your feedback on your encounter with Kikwetu roses. Until next time, I will be back soon with more Kikwetu floral stories.

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