Visiting Mr. Jumilia, Koen Meewisse

Koen aims to stay in this game of always having new crops. That is why he offers two different grades of roses. The best, and the very best!

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 31-01-2024 | 3 min read
Visiting Mr. Jumilia, Koen Meewisse

I had the pleasure today of visiting Koen Meewisse of J & K Rosa, who continues a family legacy of exquisite rose cultivation with a blend of tradition and innovation. There are not so many rose growers left in the Netherlands, but the ones who are, grow magnificent quality roses, like no other country does. The rose Jumilia, grown by Koen, is such an example. Magnificent quality.

J & K Rosa With the Outstanding Jumilia Rose

At J & K Rosa, the art of rose cultivation is not just a business, it's a lineage. Koen Meewisse, who helms J & K Rosa, inherited his passion for roses from his father and grandfather. This multi-generational journey in rose cultivation led to the establishment of J & K Rosa in 2009, co-founded with his father, Johan.

The nursery began with the Passion variety, a tremendously popular red rose in the '90s. The growers transitioned to Avalanche which they grew for a very long time. However, the real transformation came two years ago with the introduction of Jumilia. Starting with a single bed, Koen gradually expanded its cultivation, planning to dedicate the entire greenhouse to Jumilia next year.



Their collaborative work with United Selections, the breeder of Jumilia, is pivotal. United Selections, which breeds in Kenya, now tests all promising seedlings for the European market in J & K Rosa's greenhouse. This partnership ensures that any mutations in Jumilia are immediately integrated into United Selections' breeding trials.

Jumilia Is a Rose That Captivates

Jumilia stands out for its unique coloration - a mesmerizing blend of a pink edge and a white exterior. This distinct appearance often makes it seem like the rose is emitting light, making it an irresistible choice for florists and their customers.

The trade highly values Jumilia for its excellent vase life and large bud size. J & K Rosa's commitment to quality is evident in every Jumilia rose they cultivate, a fact appreciated by both florists and customers.


Jumilia roses from J and K Rosa


At J & K Rosa, a team of 25 dedicated individuals work tirelessly to maintain the high standards set by Koen and his forebears. Their collective effort ensures that each Jumilia rose is a symbol of quality and beauty. Because they plant new beds are being planted regularly, there's always a young crop. And you know what that brings: the very best quality roses! Once the plants are getting older, they tend to produce a bit smaller buds. It is imperative therefore when you want to have the very best grade in your company, to stay in the game of renewing crops. Koen aims to stay in this game of always having new crops! That is why he offers two different grades of roses. The best, and the very best! See also 'Rose Jumilia Shows Its New Luxurious Image'.


Koen Meewisse at J & K Rosa
Koen Meewisse


The Future at J & K Rosa

Looking ahead, Koen envisions converting the entire 3-hectare garden exclusively for Jumilia cultivation. However, adapting to regulatory changes, particularly in energy taxation, remains a challenge. Koen emphasizes the need for the government to give growers time to adjust, confident in the industry's capacity for innovation.

The future of J & K Rosa is bright and flowery, just like their Jumilia roses. With plans for expansion and a commitment to adapt to and overcome regulatory challenges, J & K Rosa is poised to continue its legacy of rose cultivation excellence for years to come. 

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