Rose Jumilia Shows Its New Luxurious Image

Grower J & K Rosa upgrades its packaging to present this super rose in the way it deserves.

By: THURSD. | 20-12-2023 | 4 min read
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When it comes to roses, the world is no stranger to the classic red and white varieties that have graced our gardens and bouquets for centuries. However, in the midst of these familiar blooms, there's a star that florists and floral designers across the globe are very familiar with – Rose Jumilia. This stunning rose, known for its captivating bicolor petals, has earned its rightful place in the floral spotlight and consistently ranks in the top 10 for Mother's Day bouquets.

This popularity could never have been achieved without the passion and expertise of the Jumilia growers. With all this love and care a top-notch product is created, so it is about time to level up the presentation as well. Grower J & K Rosa understands this perfectly and introduces a tailor-made new sleeve that enhances the quality look and feel of this rose.

From African Origins to European Elegance

The journey of Rose Jumilia is a tale of collaboration and floral finesse. This exceptional rose traces its roots back to the breeding facilities of United Selections, where it was meticulously developed and tested. What makes Rose Jumilia even more remarkable is its adaptability to European conditions, making it a sought-after choice for growers on the continent.


Koen Meewisse quote Rose Jumilia sleeve

Koen Meewisse with a bucket of Rose Jumilia
Koen Meewisse from J & K Rosa with a bucket of Rose Jumilia


Rose Jumilia's New Look

Koen Meewisse, owner of J & K Rosa, understands the significance of this remarkable rose. He shares his insight into what makes Rose Jumilia truly exceptional:

"We have been growing Rose Jumilia since 2021, and we are very happy with this rose. Apart from its presentation value, I think it is a fantastic rose in terms of growth. And it has a low disease burden. These are all things that are necessary for sustainable cultivation, also in the future."

It's clear that the success of Rose Jumilia is not just about its striking appearance but also the careful cultivation and attention to detail by passionate growers like Koen.


Rose Jumilia by simonabracco fiori
Photo by @simonabracco.fiori


Meewisse has taken the bold step of enhancing the luxury appeal of this rose through innovative packaging, and he is happy to shed light on his vision:

"At J & K Rosa, we have various product lines with 'regular quality' roses and 'super quality' roses. Jumilia is a wonderful rose that we only grow in a super quality. That is why this rose deserves a luxurious sleeve. However, until now, these two quality segments were always packed in the same sleeves. We decided to separate those two qualities to clearly show the difference and make super quality more easily recognizable."

This move not only reflects their commitment to delivering top-tier roses but also their dedication to providing florists and floral designers with the tools to create stunning arrangements that stand out in a competitive market.


Rose Jumilia by rosenkretzstraelen
Photo by @rosenkretzstraelen


Why High-Quality Bicolor Roses Are All the Rage

In recent years, there has been a surge in the demand for high-quality bicolor roses, and Rose Jumilia is at the forefront of this floral revolution. The enchanting blend of colors, the impeccable petal formation, and the overall allure of this rose have made it a favorite among those looking to create exceptional floral arrangements.

Florists and floral designers around the world are turning to bicolor roses like Jumilia to infuse uniqueness and elegance into their creations. Whether used as a standalone bloom or as part of a larger arrangement, this rose never fails to captivate with its striking appearance and timeless charm.


Rose Jumilia by x_thebloomcupboard_x
Photo by @x_thebloomcupboard_x


So, if you're in search of that one special rose to elevate your floral designs and leave a lasting impression, Jumilia might just be the answer you've been looking for. With its dazzling bicolor petals and the newfound touch of luxury in its packaging, it's no wonder this rose has become a beloved staple in the world of floristry.

Rose Jumilia from J & K Rosa is available through direct sales, and clock (pre) sales in a 7cm+ XL head size (look for the pink sleeves), and a 6cm+ head size (look for the green sleeves).


J and K Rosa Jumilia new sleeves
Rosa Jumilia's new pink and green sleeves


Read more about Rose Jumilia, and why high-quality bi-color roses are hot, and this one in particular. Also, see Peter van Delft's blog visiting the nursery of J & K Rosa.



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