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A spray chrysanthemum that gives you instant happiness when you see it


Chrysanthemum Saba

Chrysanthemum Saba is a tropical surprise named after the Caribbean island of Saba. With its green heart, purple inner shade, and sharp, white outlines, this spray chrysanthemum is an eye-catching flower and a long-time florist’s favorite.


The Saba Chrysanthemum is a versatile flower; whilst stunning on its own with its many flowers per stem, it also works well in a bouquet. Because of its striking pattern, the Saba stands out. Its three colors make it easy to combine with other flowers. Whether you emphasize her green heart by combining the Saba with foliage only or make its purple pop in an otherwise white bouquet, Saba will be radiant.

Chrysanthemum Saba Care Tips

  • Use a clean vase and fresh tap water
  • Add liquid or powdered flower food
  • Cut 3 – 5 cm from the stem using a clean knife or secateur
  • Make sure there are no leaves in the water
  • Chrysanthemums, like all cut flowers, are sensitive to draughts and direct heat
  • Don’t place the chrysanthemums next to ripening fruit or vegetables. The ethylene produced by the fruit and vegetables makes the flowers die earlier
  • Top up the vase with fresh tap water
  • Refresh the water every few days when it gets cloudy

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