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Allium Gladiator

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Wow Effect

Allium Gladiator is a perennial crowd favorite across the globe. One look at this flower and you know why. The flower grows up to 2 – 3.5 feet tall (60 – 100 cm), with spectacular 18 cm wide purple globes. The flowers are comprised of hundreds of tiny purple flowers. Allium Gladiator works well in a brilliant field bouquet, or as event decoration with a guaranteed wow effect.

Ornamental onion Allium Gladiator is a crossbreed between Purple Sensation (Allium Aflatunense) and Elatum (Allium Macleanii). A bold, timeless flower with tall stems and stunning blooms.


Allium Gladiator won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit, awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society.

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