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Hypericum (also known as St. John's wort) possibly takes its name from the Greek words 'hyper' (above) and 'eikon' (photo), because it used to be placed above photos in the house during St. John's Day to ward off evil spirits. Hence the general name St. John's wort. This Hypericum is an ideal addition to any bouquet and has a beautiful dark red color.

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H. en B.R. van den Bosch

In 1910 Pieter van den Bosch started a business in horticulture. Currently, more than 100 years later, the company has specialized in the production of Dahlias and the breeding of Hypericum. The company was founded by Pieter van den Bosch in 1910. His sons, Piet and Henk, entered the company soon after the Second World War. They were innovative entrepreneurs and created a reliable basis for the future. Currently, the daily management is performed by Bernard and his son Jeroen. They are now the third and fourth generation.
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