Alchemilla Mollis Robustica

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Also known as the 'lady's mantle'

The Alchemilla Mollis Robustica is also known as the 'lady's mantle'. There are several stories circulating around this plant. The alchemists, for example, are said to collect the dewdrops, which remain on the leaves like pearls. Hence the Latin family name Alchemilla. With this 'rainwater' they tried to create the Philosopher's Stone, which would turn metal into gold. Medicinal effects are also attributed to the leaves of the lady's mantle, especially with menstrual problems and after pregnancies. For this reason, the plant has always been associated with a female person within the ruling religion. Among the Germanic tribesmen, the lady's mantle was dedicated to Freya, the goddess of fertility. After the Christianization of Europe, the plant was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. So it is the 'mantle of Mary'.

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