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Asplenium Crispy Wave

Asplenium Crispy Wave is characteristic because of its remarkably hard, wave-like leaves. They are very shiny and fresh green in color, lighter than most other ferns. It rolls its leaf out of its heart. In that way, it makes sure that every time a new leaf appears in the middle. As its leaves get older, spores will form on the bottom side of its leaves.


Originally Asplenium Crispy Wave is part of the Asplenium genus which is found in Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe. This plant comes from the forests in Japan and Taiwan. It can even grow on tree branches and rock when it is humid enough there. Its genus counts about 700 species of ferns. The botanical name is derived from the Greek 'Asplenon'. In the Middle Ages, people used it as a hot drink against spleen diseases.

Asplenium Care Tips

  • Asplenium likes a moderately sunny place, which means: not in the bright sun, but a bit further away from the window. Preferably also not in a draughty place. It prefers to grow in shady places. Did you know that you can also put asplenium very well in places where the air is extra dry due to the use of central heating? The ideal temperature for it to grow is between 18 to 26 ° C.
  • If the soil is constantly slightly damp, it will grow the best, but do not let it dry out completely. Start with small amounts of water per irrigation. The amount of water depends on various factors such as humidity and the amount of light. In the winter asplenium also need less water. If the soil is dry very quickly, give a little more water. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, give it less water the next time. If you give too large amounts of water at a time, its roots will end up in a layer of water which could cause root rot. This plant requires a bit of plant food every month.

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