9 Exclusive Shade Tolerant Plants of Decorum That Thrive With Minimum Light

Plants that love doses of fresh shady spots? Here's a compilation of the shade-lovers.

By: THURSD. | 18-08-2022 | 5 min read
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Whether you're on the hunt for indoor, outdoor, colorful, different shapes, or different-sized plants and flowers, Decorum has got it all. On this occasion, Decorum is giving a big sneak peek of the nine best shade-tolerant plants that will absolutely thrive with barely any light requirements. And where to get them, of course.

9 Shade-Tolerant Plants of Decorum You Should Know About

No light? No problem because these nine shade-tolerant plants of Decorum Plants & Flowers do not need high levels of light to thrive and survive in any environment.

1. Polyscias

Although polyscias is considered a shade-tolerant plant, where this plant is placed is extremely important for it to thrive at all times. Despite the fact that the name in Greek means ‘many’ (Poly) and ‘shadow’ (Scias), the plant does in fact need a small dose of light throughout the day in order to adequately perform its photosynthesis process.


Polyscias shade tolerant plant of Decorum on Thursd


When polyscias are not placed in the right place, their growth can be affected, and can even drop their leaves. So, although they love the shade, remember they will benefit from a little dose of natural light.

2. Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is a shade-tolerant of Decorum that as a fact dislikes direct sunlight. Originally a beautiful tropical plant, this stunner grows naturally on Lord Howe Island near Australia. On that island, the Kentia Palm shelters under large trees and plants, giving it pure shade and happiness. These conditions make the Kentia a tropical houseplant that loves shade and does not do well in direct sunlight. Away from the sun is how the plant prefers it!


Kentia Palm shade tolerant plant of Decorum on Thursd


Grower of this product: Hartog Palmen.

3. Cacti and Succulents

Easy-to-care-for and low maintenance, besides also thriving in the shade and sun? You've got them right here! Cacti and succulents are considered one of the nine shade-tolerant plants of Decorum. Both these plants can be found in the desert but also in other places like high up in cold mountains. These plants are really not bothered about the conditions they find themselves in. To see them fully thrive, make sure to adjust the amount of watering based on their location, as the higher the light intensity, the more water these plants need. Cacti and succulents will have a successful life span both in the sun and in the shade.


Cacti are great shade tolerant plants of Decorum on Thursd


Growers of this product: Winco Holland and Nederpel Succulenten.

4. Sansevieria

To continue with the plants that are easy to care for and are shade-tolerant, we meet sansevieria. With characteristics comparable to those of cacti, the greatest difference between them is the temperature in which they prosper. Sansevieria thrives best at a temperature between 15 and 25°C and can do very well in the shade where little sunlight comes.


Sansevieria shade tolerant plant of Decorum on Thursd


Fun fact: did you know that the leaves of sansevieria become darker when receiving less light and need less water when placed in the shade? It definitely earns a spot in the nine best shade-tolerant plants.

Growers of this product: JoGrow and Duynplant.

5. Zamioculcas

If you want a plant that will be happy everywhere, while keeping you company for a long time, the ZZ plant is it! The ZZ plant hates strong, direct sunlight, reason why it's a shade-tolerant plant. You might want to have your plant away from direct sunlight because the more exposure to the sun, the lighter color your plant will adopt. But that's not all! If placed in a place that is too dark, zamioculcas produce new elongated fronds and branches. These two signs are vital to see whether your zamioculcas are in a good location.


Zamioculcas shade tolerant plant of Decorum on Thursd


Grower of this product: Duynplant.

6. Spathiphyllum

Another beautiful shade-tolerant plant of Decorum is the spathiphyllum, also known as the peace lily. It's a gorgeous tropical houseplant that requires lots of water but little light, making it an optimal choice to have in any indoor space. In nature, the plant is shaded by large trees and plants. If you're into low-maintenance houseplants, put the peace lily in a nice shady place, and it will thrive.


_Spathiphyllum by Decorum on Thursd


Grower of this product: Van der Voort Potplanten.

7. Aglaonema

Aglaonema is naturally found in Asia and Indonesia, where it often shelters under large trees and plants. These natural conditions make this charmer a true shade-loving plant, even when placed at home or any other indoor space. The plant really enjoys water and humidity, so make sure to hydrate it from time to time. Aglaonema is also a perfect bathroom plant, given its love for humid spaces.


Aglaonema is an amazing shade tolerant plant that thrives with low levels of light on Thursd


Growers of this product: JoGrow, Montis, and Duynplant.

8. Dracaena

Dracaena, also known as the "dragon tree", is originally from Africa. The plant loves and enjoys shady spots, and is often found sheltering under other large trees and plants. Although dracaena likes to have a place to rest from the sun, it does need a little light to maintain itself alive.


Dracaena is a Decorum plant that thrives in the shade on Thursd


Do not put this shade-tolerant plant in a basement or a dark attic room because the lack of light will surely make it die. Take into account that when your dragon tree is standing in a place that is too bright, its leaves will turn yellow.

Growers of this product: JoGrow and Duynplant.

9. Calathea

Among all the plants listed, this is the most sensitive one, so make sure to love it, care for it, and be kind. Plants, as well as humans, need affection and great doses of love to live happily. Calathea enjoys a spot in the shade that has some light, but not direct sunlight, making it a shade-tolerant plant of Decorum. It's vital to know that if exposed to direct sunlight, its beautiful, yet delicate leaves will burn easily. An impressive fact about this plant is that it opens when there is light outside and closes when it gets dark.


Calathea by Decorum on Thursd

Growers of this product: Gebr. Valstar and JoGrow.

What's Your Next Plant?

So, what's your next plant addition going to be? These shade-tolerant plants of Decorum are great options to start decorating both exteriors and interiors.


All photos by Decorum Plants & Flowers.



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