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Van der Voort Potplanten was founded by Chris van der Voort, but its running has now been taken over by Olaf van der Voort. The nursery has a great variety of plant sizes and pot sizes, and they are also strong in customization, flexibility, speed, and logistics. For years, spathiphyllum and ludisia were bred, propagated, and cultivated with great pleasure and skill to create a broad assortment with varying pot sizes. With the complete process being accomplished in house, Van der Voort Potplanten keeps control of the quality, and it develops and tests new varieties regularly. Since 2015, azalea has been added in the autumn to the wide range of Van der Voort Potplanten. Together with the best growers in Belgium, this nursery is striving for a top-quality assortment. With its location close to the auction in Naaldwijk and its own transport vehicles, Van der Voort Potplanten is flexible and delivers the day trade extremely quickly. For you as their client, they customize in sleeves and trays. Labeling can even be carried out for the end clients. Discover the great availability of products that make the supply of very large quantities to the retail market possible. Van der Voort Potplanten has been a member of Decorum since 2010. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow plants of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum. Every day Olaf and his team deliver the best plants with the compliments of Decorum. Van der Voort Potplanten is also a member of Air So Pure®. This is a group of growers with plants that have scientifically proven beneficial health effects. The presence of these air-purifying plants creates a healthier and more pleasant living and working environment.


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Van der Voort Potplanten Van der Voort Potplanten B.V., Zwethlaan 34, 2675 LB Honselersdijk, Nederland

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