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This girl never loses her natural beauty

By: THURSD. | 22-04-2020 | 3 min read
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Preserved and dried flowers are claiming their place in the flower industry worldwide. But what are the features of this preserved enhancement of flowers? A light on the story of these techniques that are serving the modern needs in flowers, with insights from Jet Fresh Flower Distributors® and Farm Direct.

What Are Preserved Flowers?

These non-artificial flowers are enhancing our current flower industry. A floral designer has the option to decorate with real, preserved flowers, available in a range of colors and color combinations! Without the use of any water! But what is the story behind these preserved beauties?

Roses Straight From the Farm

The roses are first grown at the farm, then cut and carefully preserved to extend their beauty and use. The flowers are not only more developed in a general way than a regular fresh cut flower. This enhancement already starts at the beginning, when they are cut. It’s essential to cut the flowers when they are at their most beautiful state, instead of in a more ‘raw’ state for the sake of freshly used flowers. Colored and Preserved Jet Fresh Roses, photographed by Ava Piper & Co.

From Cut Flower to Eternal Beauty

The roses undertake a unique process that allows them to maintain their natural beauty for several years. What is this unique process? There are two options; freeze-drying or stabilizing. Freeze-drying is a technique in which you first freeze the flowers to a temperature of -40 degrees and then extract all the moisture from the flowers. The freeze-drying technique really guarantees the original firmness of the flower. Stabilization is a process in which a mixture of natural plant elements (one of which is glycerin) will do the trick in the preservation process and assures the flower of a flexible and natural look. To obtain the many colors in the assortments, an optional dyeing process takes place after the preservation is complete. These natural processes both preserve the original shape, structure and both magnify the color of the flower in its own way.

Benefits of a Preserved Flower

Jet Fresh Flower Distributors® give us an insight in the benefits of a preserved flower:

Preserved flowers are longer lasting unlike dried flowers that tend to be fragile and dissolve when handling them too roughly. Be careful when touching with your hands, the natural oils from your hands might alter the petals. Simply keep them stored in a dry climate, with no direct lighting, to avoid fading in the future. Farm Direct, importer and direct representative of companies that specialize in the production of the most exquisite preserved flowers, also confirm with their preserved assortment to have a unique and wide range of colors, year-round available. Not only do their growers harvest fresh from the farm, but they also have a soft, fresh feel.

They Suit Various Floral Needs

In the videos below, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors show how to suit your various floral needs with Colored Preserved roses. Quarantine games with Jet Fresh Preserved Roses, to brighten up your day! A tribute to the floral designer Takashi Murakami's famous daisy flower design. Decorated with colored preserved roses.



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