New Varieties, New Novelties at De Ruiter’s Open Days

A collection of rose varieties from the renowned breeder is sure to keep growers wanting more.

By: THURSD. | 06-03-2024 | 6 min read
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​De Ruiter’s Showcase of Rose Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days

De Ruiter East Africa, the Naivasha-based subsidiary of the globally renowned breeder De Ruiter Innovations, is known for coming up with some of the most exquisite roses available anywhere. Its array of roses caters to any floral occasion one could think of. Think of International Women’s Day, Mother's Day, or any other event, and with De Ruiter’s roses, you have just the perfect flowers for the occasion.

During the rose breeder’s recent Open Days, De Ruiter East Africa welcomed prospective growers and flower enthusiasts to its Naivasha facility, showcasing its numerous varieties, including the latest head-turners. Its exceptionally eye-catching and attention-grabbing traditionally known roses such as Rose Rhodos, and Rose Ever Red, had new company at the showcase!

De Ruiter’s Rosy Open Days’ Experience

Every year, the breeder hosts three four-day open days in different farms including PJ Dave Flora's Rising Sun - Timau Farm, and Penta Flowers, a family-owned flower farm operating in the Murang'a and Kiambu Counties of Central Kenya, as well as the De Ruiter East Africa facility in Naivasha. Growers Kikwetu Flowers and also Timaflor usually participate in these events.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
De Ruiter's Rose Lucette.


The experience, according to Rohit Patil, the Sales and Marketing Manager, is always exciting, introducing customers to new varieties, innovations, and novelties, as well as just jogging the customers’ memory on other varieties that the breeder has.

This time round it hasn't been any different as quite like tradition, De Ruiter’s Naivasha Open Days was abuzz with activity, and customers from all across the African continent had an opportunity to sample the breeder’s wide collection of roses. The experience was both exciting and promising in equal measure.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
De Ruiter's Spray Rose Special Dimension in a bouquet.


Rohit Patil:

“At De Ruiter, our focus is to always breed high quality and more productive varieties - that’s what De Ruiter is always known for. There are lots of varieties that we already have for our customers. These varieties are a perfect fit for any occasion. Be it Mother’s Day or the International Women’s Day or any other festivities.”

This year, according to him, the open days have been successful as the breeder has continued to catch the attention of growers from different countries across the continent. And all are enthusiastic about the roses bred by the well-known breeder.

Overall, according to him, the vast majority of the growers are keenly looking at De Ruiter's spray roses as their bud sizes and new shapes are quite interesting. The growers find these varieties different from those already available in the market. 


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
Bouquet with red roses and anigozanthos from De Ruiter.



“Generally, growers also appreciate that De Ruiter has come up with, and continues to produce many new varieties with high production in all categories of roses.”

And, sure enough, there are a lot more of these varieties in the pipeline as the breeder employs a strategy that is sure to keep customers satisfied with its unique rose offerings. 

Exciting Rose Varieties From De Ruiter

The breeder, according to Rohit, already has several rose varieties that are sure to catch growers’ attention. These varieties possess all the right qualities that would make one fall in love, again and again, with roses.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
Novel rose varieties from De Ruiter


Which are these varieties? You may ask. So here you go.

Spray Rose Pink Dimension®  

This is a dark pink spray rose which has been De Ruiter's most popular spray since last year. A few farms already have it planted, and more growers have shown keen interest in planting it as well. Definitely, this variety’s popularity is growing.

Spray Rose Sweet Dimension®

This is a grass heart-shaped baby pink flower with many buds, a quality that makes it an absolute winner in all ways. There are already growers keen on immediately growing it for their customers as its prospective buyer numbers keep growing.


De Ruiter's roses
De Ruiter's Spray Rose Pink Dimension (left) and Spray Rose Sweet Dimension (right)


Spray Rose Special Dimension®

This is a soft pink variety that is already commercial. This promising variety is grown commercially on three or four farms in Kenya, and the projections are promising as well.

Rose Mia®

This is a white rose that will soon be available in the market for buyers. The first planting of this unique variety has already taken place, and growers have, again, shown great interest in it due to its intriguing color.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
Spray Rose Special Dimension (left) and Rose Mia (right) bred by De Ruiter.


Rose Anne-Laure®

This is a new white variety that is a mutation of the famous variety Rose Pomarosa®. It is a tall, highly productive flower variety with a big bud size. The rose currently being planted in some farms in Kenya is fast becoming popular among the growers who are increasingly becoming fascinated with it.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
Rose Anne-Laure, a new white variety from De Ruiter.


Rose Sorbonne®

This is a peachy, special-colored rose that opens into a bloom with a caramel color.  This variety is mainly targeted at the high-end market and has become quite a sought-after choice rose.

Rose Emira®

This rose is pink, and a little darker than Rose Opala. It has been noted to be one of the most popular choices among many growers as it offers bigger buds without compromising on production. Many of these growers have, accordingly, shown great interest and keenness in planting it in large quantities.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
Rose Sorbonne (left) and Rose Emira (right) from De Ruiter


Other De Ruiter Roses to Be Named Soon

De Ruiter, also, has several varieties that will be baptized and given names in due course. Such include a soft pink variety which can be grown at lower altitudes and offers big buds. Customers during the open days found this variety interesting. 

There is also a red variety which has had growers upbeat as well. This light red rose with high production consistently had growers eagerly waiting for a name [for this variety] before starting to cultivate it in larger trials.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
A new red rose variety from De Ruiter.


De Ruiter also has a champagne-colored rose that has really good packaging qualities. This rose goes great in bouquets and can, especially, be used for weddings.

Then there is a hot pink variety that is very productive as well and became quite a hit among growers who saw it. The customers were particularly impressed by the stem's quality, production, and the super intermediate bud size of the flower.


​De Ruiter’s Novelties at the Naivasha Open Days
One of De Ruiter's novelty roses.


With these varieties, and living up to the expectations of its customers, De Ruiter certainly has a lineup of roses that will keep growers yearning for more.


Photos courtesy of De Ruiter.



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