Rose Capriola Is a Unique Bi-colored Flower Suitable for All Occasions

This unique color palette possesses many ideal qualities desirable in flower designs and arrangements.

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The Timeless Charm of De Ruiter’s Rose Capriola Grown by Kenya’s Roseto Ltd

It goes without saying that De Ruiter is a pioneer when it comes to breeding some of the most exquisite roses. One of the leading rose breeders, the flower company has over the years been known to produce some of the finest choice flowers that are well-loved and cultivated by hundreds of growers across the world. One of the latest additions to De Ruiter’s rose variety catalog is Rose Capriola.

Grown by Roseto Ltd, a 28-hectare Kenyan flower farm based in Salgaa, a small settlement just on the outskirts of Nakuru, a county roughly 100 miles northwest of the capital, Nairobi, Rose Capriola is an exceptionally beautiful variety that has continued to capture the hearts of floral designers and enthusiasts alike with its nuanced beauty.

Here’s what you’d find interesting to know about the farm and this unique rose variety.

A Brief Background of Roseto Ltd

Aravind Harirao, the manager of the farm explains that Roseto Ltd started out in 2006 as a four-hectare farm within the bucolic topography that defines the hinterlands of the small township.


​​De Ruiter's Rose Capriola Grown by ​Kenya's Roseto Ltd
Roseto Ltd's Aravind Harirao (right) and a colleague at the farm with cut Rose Capriola flowers


Aravind, who has worked within the flower industry for some thirty years, further explains that back then, the area was vastly barren and not so much populated, save for the several trucks and trailers that had made the small town a stopover. During those past years, there wasn't much to show when it came to flower-growing or floriculture.

But fast forward to years later after its establishment, Roseto flower farm soon brought with it more growth and development in the region. It has, in the subsequent years since it was started, attracted more people who now work in the farm’s different departments, as well as in its numerous greenhouses.


​​De Ruiter's Rose Capriola Grown by ​Kenya's Roseto Ltd
De Ruiter's Rose Capriola grown at Roseto flower farm


Currently, Roseto Ltd grows both standard and spray roses. It has more than forty varieties of these flowers grown in its facilities. And Rose Capriola is one among those exquisite flower varieties that Roseto grows. In fact, it is perhaps fast growing into one of its star varieties!

Aravind says that there are at least twenty spray roses and twenty standard rose varieties presently grown at the flower farm, and thus far, the reception of its different rose varieties in the markets has been exceptional if not exemplary.

Still, in its initial stages of growing Rose Capriola, Aravind admits that the production of this unique flower variety on the farm is still stabilizing. But all indications point skywards.


De Ruiter's Rose Capriola Grown by Kenya's Roseto Ltd
A Roseto flower farm employee with a bouquet of Rose Capriola.


Unique Qualities That Make Rose Capriola So Desirable

Rose Capriola, Aravind says, is a flower that possesses so many unique qualities, all of which are desirable for floral designers, and just about anyone else who is enthusiastic about roses. The rose is a unique combination of curly petals with rich pink and white hues, and an almost peach-yellow color palette inside the petals as they unfurl. It possesses long-lasting blooms making it a versatile choice for various floral arrangements.

For starters, this large-flowered variety is bi-colored. Admittedly, many people find bi-colored roses mesmerizing and somewhat fairytale-like. And this is one quality that makes Rose Capriola stand out among its peers. It beautifully combines pink and white color profiles on its graceful petals alongside the dark green leaves on its sturdy stems.


​​De Ruiter's Rose Capriola Grown by ​Kenya's Roseto Ltd
Rose Capriola


What's more, this rose variety, according to Aravind who has had the opportunity to nurture and cultivate the flower at Roseto Ltd, is resilient and has minimal susceptibility to pests and diseases. This quality is also exemplified in its decent vase life of at least 10 days, which Aravind rates at 9/10. The good shelf life that the variety possesses is a quality that is definitely desirable for florists and floral designers, and even anyone who would just want to have the cut rose in a vase in their home.

In addition, Rose Capriola has a unique garden shape. The way this flower unfurls into the unique garden shape definitely entrances anyone who bears witness, according to Aravind. Each of the rose’s approximately 35-40 petals is attractively arranged to create a visual appeal that not only adds depth and texture to floral arrangements but also fascinates even more.


De Ruiter's Rose Capriola Grown by Kenya's Roseto Ltd
De Ruiter's Rohit Patil (left) and an employee of Roseto Ltd inside a Rose Capriola greenhouse


Plus, the moderately-thorned rose variety, similarly, has the desirable length of stems making it a desirable choice for use in vases. Its length varies between 60 and 70 cm. Still yet, another plus for Rose Capriola is that the flower can efficiently be deployed and perfectly fit in any occasion’s floral arrangements in which it is used. And it still easily stands out and adds that sense of romance and a characteristic classic allure.

In All Aspects, It Is a Really Unique Rose Variety

With its versatility and unique appeal, Rose Capriola is a flower that can be enjoyed in various settings; from adorning these sceneries to vintage floral designs and acting as a focal point in varied floral arrangements.


De Ruiter's Rose Capriola Grown by Kenya's Roseto Ltd
The unique garden shape of Rose Capriola.


Its inherent and refined draw makes it a variety that any florist or floral designer would want to incorporate in their floral compositions and arrangements. It is quite a rose that you need to try out and experience firsthand its vast array of pleasant qualities.


Photos courtesy of Roseto Ltd.



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