Create Your Own DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers

Decorum has just the perfect ideas to create your ideal DIY box for the season's flowers.

By: THURSD. | 27-12-2023 | 7 min read
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Decorum Plants & Flowers' DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers

Spring is a special season. It brings a sense of renewal, growth, and transformation after the cold wintry months. It is a season appreciated for its almost surreal beauty with the return of lively colors, and the assurance of new beginnings. This is a season that is also symbolic of a time of hope and optimism as nature reawakens and takes center stage, and people enthusiastically embrace the changing season after winter dissipates.

The spring season is particularly marked by a reappearance of nature as a vivacious flare-up of colorful flowers, plants, and tree leaves suddenly replaces the previously snow-covered landscape. And with the return of the ideal conditions for these plants, gardens, parks, and countryside landscapes suddenly become adorned with blossoms like tulips, irises, daffodils, and others, many of which Decorum Plants and Flowers, a premium brand of growers, has to offer.

What Is It About Spring That Makes It Special?

Spring is, indeed, an exceptional season. Other than the emergence of colorful plants and flowers, it is characterized by milder temperatures compared to winter, as the sun begins to warm the earth.


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Decorum's flowers perfect for the spring season.


During the dark days of winter, the month of January seems to pass so slowly. People crave the sun and the moment when the weather gradually becomes more pleasant, with longer daylight hours and a gradual increase in warmth. These present good conditions for outdoor events and encourage people to engage in activities like cycling, picnics, hiking, and, of course, gardening and plant and flower-focused DIY projects.

What’s more, spring marks a transition from the dormancy of winter to the lively awakening of nature which is characteristic of rebirth, growth, and a fresh start. Wildlife, for instance, emerges from their winter hibernation, birds return from migration, and baby animals are born. In many cultures and traditions, the season is associated with restoration and festivity; a time for festivals, religious holidays, and cultural events that celebrate the arrival of the new season.


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Decorum's cut flowers perfect for spring.


The season is, also, often associated with the tradition of spring cleaning. This is where people take the opportunity to tidy up their homes, and declutter, and freshen their living spaces after the long winter months.

However, it is not uncommon to experience rain showers, thunderstorms, or even a late snowfall in some regions during the transition to spring, due to the impulsiveness of the weather. Other challenges that this season may present include seasonal allergies, as the release of pollen from blossoming plants and flowers can trigger allergic reactions.


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
An selection of Decorum's spring flowers with tulips, irises, daffodils, and hyacinths


Decorum’s DIY Idea Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers

Known to produce the most exquisite plants and flower varieties, Decorum is a brand made up of more than fifty Dutch growers working together to create exquisite products that represent quality, innovation, and sustainability. Through its pillars of cultivating flowers and plants sustainably and the great knowledge that its growers have, as well as a vast array of flowers and plants, Decorum has just the perfect ideas to create your ideal DIY box for tulips and other spring flowers. So here you go.


This is the most familiar flower recognized all over the world as a typical Dutch product. It comes in a wide range of varieties with unique shapes, colors, and lengths. To ensure the flower enjoys a long vase life and does not wilt, Decorum has some guidelines.


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Tulips from Decorum Plants and Flowers


The standard procedure for caring for tulips involves the growers treating them with just a little water and transporting them in a dry state. If a tulip is given too much water, it grows very fast, towering above its leaves. If a tulip does not have any water, it stops growing.

So, when you receive a bunch of tulips, trim the ends and fill the vase with just two cm of fresh water before putting them in. Within an hour, they will perk up since the flower is able to absorb water quickly. This is why you shouldn’t put more than two cm of water in the vase at a time, and wait before adding more until the flowers have absorbed it all, which usually takes two to three days.


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Colorful tulips in a vase.


In the DIY box, one can also combine Decorum’s tulips with almost every other kind of flower.


With its delightful scent and bright colors, hyacinth is the typical spring flower. It features thick leaves with a rounded tip that protrudes from the bulb. Then from the middle, a stem emerges, covered with romantically soft pink, purple, white, yellow, or red flowers. 

These buds are called nails, and there can be up to 50 nails on each stem. Every hyacinth has its own delightful scent, some stronger than others. The different scents are meant to lure insects. 


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Decorum's hyacinth, narcissus, iris, and tulips combined with some blue genestra


This flowering plant is one of the few varieties that is naturally invulnerable to the harmful mucilage secreted by daffodils and can, therefore, be perfectly mixed with them in the box.

Narcissus (Daffodil)

For the narcissus, smooth, green stems emerge from the bulb with narrow, light-brown buds that suddenly develop into spectacular trumpet-shaped flowers. This flowering plant is a real mood-maker that blossoms fast. 

Everything about this beautiful flower announces the coming of spring. Its most familiar color is bright yellow, but of course, there are also lovely combinations with white, salmon pink, or red. 


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Narcissi supplied by Decorum grower W.F. Leenen 


The narcissus is characterized by its trumpet-shaped flower surrounded by yellow or white petals and leans forward slightly. Alongside the different color combinations, narcissus also has different appearances. It can be accompanied by leaves or not, have large or smaller trumpets, or be highly scented or not at all.

And did you know that Decorum’s narcissus is specially treated so it can be combined with other flowers? Well, now you know. This makes it ideal for affording you enough room for free creativity when creating a spring decoration.


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Decorum's narcissus flowers in bloom.



Iris is available all year round in blue and white, and outside the winter months, it is also available in many other colors. The flower is a real eye-catcher in a bouquet because as soon as it unfolds, an exquisite blossom appears consisting of six petals; three standing upright and three hanging downwards. 

The hanging petals are characterized by brightly colored spots and stripes on the central section. Insects treat this feature like a handy landing strip. And just in case you didn't know, placing an iris flower in a cool place means it will flower longer!


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
A vase with irises, narcissus flowers, and some foliage like salal, and cycas


Pro Tip When Using These Flowers in Your DIY Project

The stems of every flower, except the hyacinth, must be cut at an angle before putting them in a vase. Also, always make sure that the vase is clean and filled with water into which cut flower food has been added. This ensures that you enjoy them for longer.

And with these varieties from Decorum growers like Van der Gulik BV (tulips), Borst Bloembollen (tulips), Middenweg Flowers (irises), Straathof Flowers (hyacinths), Van Noort Hyacinten (hyacinths), W.F. Leenen en Zn (narcissus), and Van der Valk Groenesier (asparagus), one can never run out of cut-flower options for their DIY spring decorative boxes. Here's what more you can learn about Borst Bloembollen. 


Decorum's DIY Box for Tulips and Other Spring Flowers
Spring flower compositions containing Decorum's flowers.


After all, you have more than 50 good reasons to invest in and use Decorum's flowers and plants. So now, how about you go ahead and try them out this spring season?


Decorum bouquet tulips and asparagus
Bouquet with tulips, hyacinths, and foliage such as umbrella fern, asparagus varieties, and foxtail.


Photos by Decorum Company.


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