Anastasia Kovaleva Creates Exquisite Floral Collages from Pressed Flowers

Anastasia Kovaleva: Master of Pressed Flower Artistry. Creating stunning floral collages that capture nature's beauty in delicate, timeless creations.

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Anastasia Kovaleva, the Polish-based artist with an undeniable bond with nature, employs a unique canvas for her creations – pressed flowers. With an exquisite touch, she weaves stories through pressed flowers, elevating them to a whole new level of artistry. Amidst her repertoire of art forms, abstract collage takes center stage, showcasing the beauty of flowers. However, she skillfully crafts emotive portraits, animal illustrations and picturesque landscapes.

Enveloped in an air of romance, each of her pieces emerges as a delightful alternative to the more traditional art forms. Through her hands, the fragile blooms are transformed into masterpieces, radiating love and attention to detail. Anastasia not only showcases the wonders of the natural world but advocates for its preservation. Her work becomes a powerful reminder of the fragility and beauty of our planet, inspiring others to cherish and protect it for generations to come.

Anastasia's exceptional talent has earned her well-deserved accolades on the global stage. Her artistic prowess has triumphed in prestigious pressed flower art competitions in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.


Special Floral art Collages


Nature's Boundless Wonders

Anastasia Kovaleva's artistic technique is a  tribute to nature's boundless wonders. Dried plants, seeds, foliage, and  many other natural materials form the essence of her floral collages, reflecting her deep connection with the natural world.

Her mission is to unveil the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary, urging people to pause and appreciate the beauty surrounding them in their everyday lives. Through her creations, she demonstrates that even the simplest elements one might pass by without a second thought can be transformed into works of art. To Anastasia, every dried leaf represents not just a simple material, but an emotional link that connects her with nature.

Through her botanical art, Anastasia aims to ignite a passion for plants and nurture a deeper connection with nature. She believes that by showcasing the diversity, beauty, and unique features of each plant, she can awaken a newfound appreciation for the wonders that surround us.

“Nature is not just a muse, but a collaborative partner, offering its gifts in abundance. From the delicate petals of flowers to the intricate textures of leaves, every element  is a precious contribution from nature itself. “ Anastasia Kovaleva


Floral art with Pressed Flowers

Artistic Call to Ecological Harmony

Her mission extends beyond the realm of aesthetics. Her artworks become a platform to advocate for the importance of ecologically sustainable development on our planet. Each piece serves as a visual testament to the significance of biodiversity and the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Anastasia strives to raise awareness about ecological challenges and inspire a collective sense of responsibility to protect our world.

Through her creations, she implores us to cherish the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and unite in the shared responsibility to safeguard our planet for future generations. Her art serves as a compelling reminder that through our collective actions, we can nurture a world of ecological harmony and sustainable growth.

“Through my artworks, I want  to show not only a great variety of plants, their beauty and unique features, but engage audiences on the importance of biodiversity and learn to take care of our world. To be sustainable and live well, I believe, we must learn to reconnect” Anastasia Kovaleva


Beautiful Bird art with pressed flowers


A Floral Awakening: Anastasia Kovaleva's Artistic Journey

Anastasia's art journey began as a happy encounter during her childhood. She was introduced to the wonderful world of botanical art by her beloved teacher, Irina. This meeting proved to be a pivotal moment, igniting a passion that would shape her life forever.

Throughout her school years, she attended Floral Design courses as an extracurricular activity, honing her skills in the realm of pressed flowers. Despite pursuing a degree in commerce and spending three years working as an analyst, Anastasia's heart remained steadfastly drawn to her true passion – creating floral collages. 

She embarked on a journey as an artist, turning away from the corporate world to dedicate herself fully to her craft. She found herself at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland, taking the first steps towards shaping her professional future.

Throughout her time at the Academy, Anastasia expanded her artistic horizons, seamlessly integrating graphic designs and painting into her works. The result was a captivating fusion of bright colors and diverse backgrounds, all anchored by the natural materials she cherishes.

Stepping into her own entrepreneurial journey, Anastasia opened her online store, showcasing her exquisite pressed flower artworks. This was just the beginning of her business venture, but she held a firm belief that dedication and hard work would lead to great achievements. Anastasia Kovaleva's art continues to enchant and inspire, captivating art enthusiasts and reminding us all of the beauty that lies in the harmony between nature and art.


Parrot art with pressed flowers


The Diverse Artistry of Anastasia Kovaleva

Anastasia Kovaleva seamlessly moves between various artistic styles and subjects. Her artwork encompasses a vast range, from abstract collages to stunning portraits, captivating animal imagery, and mesmerizing landscapes.

One of her most breathtaking collections features huge floral collages set against a black background. The contrast between the intricate and vivid details of the flowers against the dark backdrop creates a mesmerizing visual experience. These flowers, unlike their daytime counterparts, are night-blooming blooms, and against the black canvas, they exude a magical and ethereal beauty, evoking images of a serene night filled with the sweet fragrance of night-blooming flowers.

Inspired by the ornamental designs of William Morris, Anastasia created an amazing  collection of her own floral  ornaments, adding a touch of timeless elegance to her art.


Amzing Flower art  with pressed flowers

In a separate realm of her artistic expression, her dried flower portraits stand as a stunning and emotive tribute to womanhood. Utilizing various parts of plants, she carefully constructs intricate woman faces that embody a sense of beauty and emotion. Throughout her artwork, Anastasia remains deeply connected to nature. Each flower carries the essence of Mother Nature's soul, and she seamlessly intertwines the beauty of the plant world with the essence of femininity, creating a captivating image of a soul blossoming within the gardens of hearts and minds.


Beautiful lady flower art


She showcases an extraordinary talent for creating stunning animal illustrations and breathtaking landscapes. Each piece is a testament to her keen eye for detail, her ability to capture the essence of her subjects, and her unwavering passion for the natural world. Indeed, Anastasia Kovaleva's artworks have not only captured hearts but also garnered prestigious prizes at international competitions in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.


Men flower art


Oshibana: The Timeless Artistry of Pressed Flower - A Samurai's Legacy

Interestingly, this art form can be traced to the 16th century in Japan, where it is known as Oshibana. As early as the 16th century, Samurai warriors in Japan were said to have created oshibana as one of their disciplines to promote patience and harmony with nature, as well as concentration. Through this art form, they found a way to connect deeply with the natural world and channel their energies into creating beautiful floral compositions.

In the present day, this ancient art form continues to thrive, captivating artists, who have discovered the power of nature. Working with plants  provides a sense of tranquility and peace, akin to a meditative experience. 

Art of Drying Flowers

The process of drying plants is an expression of love and connection with nature. She believes that flowers can sense the energy and affection directed towards them. In her artistic endeavors, Anastasia employs a special press designed for drying flowers and leaves, yet her fondness for tradition leads her to prefer the classic method of using old books. With this timeless technique, each flower is carefully nestled between the pages, and she attentively turns them by hand throughout the drying process. This hands-on approach ensures that the colors of the flowers remain vibrant and true, a testament to her dedication to capturing the essence of nature's beauty.

The process of drying and preserving these botanical materials require patience and diligence. From collection to final artwork, it can take 2 to 3 weeks. Each step becomes an expression of fulfillment and joy, as she breathes life into these delicate blooms through her artistic vision.

Orchids serve as a magnificent material for Anastasia Kovaleva's large collages. Drying these delicate flowers becomes a crucial art form in itself, where the careful preservation of their color vibrancy is paramount.

“Preserving the beauty of flowers  is more than just an artistic activity. It is a profound connection to the world of plants and an exploration of the language of flowers” Anastasia Kovaleva


Rabbit art with pressed flowers


Unveiling Nature's Treasures: Inside Vibrant Studio

Anastasia Kovaleva's studio is a haven of artistic inspiration and creativity, nestled in the attic of her home. Every aspect of her workspace is thoughtfully designed, combining functionality with aesthetic beauty to fuel her creative energy. The studio's ambiance is flooded with natural light, thanks to windows on all four walls, which bathes the room in a soft glow throughout the day. Azure-blue walls and rustic wooden floors provide for a great artistic atmosphere. The space exudes warmth and coziness, becoming an ideal place for creativity.

Having dreamt of a spacious workshop for years, Anastasia was able to turn that dream into a reality when she moved to her picturesque home on the outskirts of Wroclaw. It is in this tranquil setting that her creative ideas flow freely, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Her studio is a treasure trove of artistic materials amassed over many years. In her pursuit of the perfect material for each piece, she stumbles upon other materials that spark her imagination, inspiring her to embark on new projects.

Pressed flowers have recently taken center stage in her artistry. Hundreds of jars, boxes, and bags filled with natural materials stand ready to present endless artistic possibilities. Seeds, fish scales, onion husks, eggshells, various dried flowers, twigs, bark, and a multitude of other items await her creative touch. In this collection of nature's wonders, she discovers unexpected beauty in the most unusual objects, captivating all who lay eyes on them.

“It is a place of magic and wonder, where my imagination blooms alongside the flowers that grace my workspace.  It's a blooming garden that's always with me.”

Where Art and Science Embrace

Anastasia Kovaleva's artistic journey finds a seamless union with the scientific world of botany. As she delved into creating herbariums and gaining knowledge of plant species, her horizons expanded, enriching her artistic expression.

Her studio has become a sanctuary of knowledge with a huge collection of books about the plant world, including plant encyclopedias and literature about Polish vegetation. With over 200 different species of plants in her repertoire, her material collection has grown organically over the years.

Nature Inspiration

Anastasia Kovaleva's main wellspring of inspiration is the beauty of nature. Sometimes the smallest flower or leaf can inspire the entire project. With a huge  passion for searching  new materials, she continuously finds new ways to bring her artistic vision to life. Her amazing  garden allows to collect a lot of flowers. As the seasons change, so does the scenery, providing a constant source of inspiration for her botanical art.

This unyielding enthusiasm has inspired her to consider creating a colossal collage using materials from various countries, bridging cultures and embracing the world's diversity through her art.

Nature's Gentle Reminders: The Botanic Illustrations of Anastasia Kovaleva

In addition to exhibiting her art in Wrocław, Anastasia generously shares her knowledge and expertise through workshops. Her studio becomes a place of learning and exploration, where participants discover the art of pressing flowers and creating their own botanical masterpieces.

In our world where modern living can lead us away from the natural wonders that surround us, Anastasia Kovaleva's compositions become an oasis, offering a sense of harmony with the natural world.  Through her art, we are reminded of the profound connection between Humanity and Nature, encouraging us to cherish and protect the treasures that lie in our midst.

For those eager to explore more of Anastasia's inspiring artwork, her Instagram account and website become a gateway to a world of botanical splendor.



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