LA! Who’s Ready? Get All the Deets Behind Our Dare to Bloom Competition

Look out for the grand finale

By: THURSD. | 10-08-2021 | 2 min read
Last destination, last chance to bloom. Trust us when we say that our competitors were very eager to bloom, and for this created magical floral art arrangements. Put into simple words: Dare to Bloom was an unforgettable experience for all of us. Now read about the details below!

Dare to Bloom 2021

But first of all… to all our newbies around here, what is our Dare to Bloom Competition? It is a floral art competition developed by the Naranjo Roses Ecuador group with its Eternal Rose range: LULU ROSE. Our competition was created to PROMOTE the use of preserved roses for the creation of flower arrangements and at the same time see the versatility that these have, for example for interior decoration. LULU ROSES and Naranjo Roses were the sponsors of the preserved roses for each of the contests. A Floral Interview With Jason Lloyd, Winner Dare to Bloom LA - Article on Thursd

Final Destination for Dare to Bloom: LA

After a very fun and challenging month traveling to four different cities throughout the United States, Lulu Rose reached a final destination: LOS ANGELES. A little refresh: we held our floral art design competition, Dare to Bloom in NYC, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The last adventure among our blooming participants left a lot to say: infinite creativity and versatility when making use of our preserved roses with which they could create precious flower arrangements to remember forever! Lulu Rose was seen as a unique statement piece that is absolutely necessary at the moment of decorating any space you want because once again, roses are the best accessory any space can have. They give life to everything that surrounds them, especially eternal roses which have the special characteristic of lasting 1-2 years in perfect conditions.

And the Winner Is...

CONGRATS to our DTB WINNER from LA: Jason Lloyd! Follow him on IG to see some of his amazing floral creations, because he is a complete genius when it comes to flowers! IG handle: byjasonlloyd A Floral Interview With Jason Lloyd, Winner Dare to Bloom LA - Article on Thursd

Grand Finale

Stay tuned for our GRAND DARE TO BLOOM FINALE which will be held later this year. We´ll let you know all the deets about where and when it will take place but we can surely tell you: you CANNOT MISS IT. For any other inquiries contact us directly at [email protected] and follow us on IG @lulurosec to be updated about the latest preserved rose trends, or visit our website to find out more about our newest 25 color palette and Lulu Rose catalogs. Lulu, eternal forever.



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