Red Roses From United Selections to Choose From This Valentine’s Season

The month of love is finally here with us, once again flowers cannot miss among the gifts lined for Valentine's Day, different options available for you.

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United Selections

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you must be thinking about which red rose variety to go for. The breeder, United Selections has a wide range of red roses for you to choose from, there is a red rose for everyone befitting every sentiment. This is a great milestone for the breeder, as they gear up towards the introduction of its new red rose varieties like; Rose Premium Class, and Rose Red Promise exclusively available for direct clients during Valentine's season.

Red Valentine's Roses From United Selections

Rose Finally and Rose Madam Red are not new to you but the addition of three new red rose varieties makes it exciting and provides desirable choices for you to go for. What's so unique about the new introductions? Read on to find out.

Rose Premium Class

Rose Premium Class exudes class, luxury, and sophistication with its red velvet tone and big bud size. Currently grown by Isinya Porini Flowers and Solai Roses, Premium Class is set to make its debut in the market, but only geared for the direct market.


United Selections
Rose Premium Class


Experience the epitome of love celebration, elevating your Valentine's Day with the finest quality of Rose Premium Class, a touch of luxury and class. Sometimes to fully celebrate your loved ones desirably, you have to go all the way and a bouquet of Premium Class lets you do so.

Rose Red Promise

A promise of unconditional love, devotion, and commitment. It is amazing how red roses can effortlessly express our deepest emotions, without a single word being uttered. Rose Red Promise, with its intense red velvet tone, beautiful shape, and opening is an exceptional red rose, one that you ought to incorporate into your Valentine's bouquet.


United Selections
Rose Red Promise


Currently grown by Panda Flowers in Kenya, Rose Red Promise is set to gain entry into the markets during the Valentine's season, though in small quantities. However, expect a decent supply throughout the year from the grower and more updates about this elegant red rose.

Rose Finally

Words and pictures will never fully encompass the sheer beauty and grandeur of this rose. Rose Finally is a lovely cabbage-shaped and rich bright red rose. It has a very velvety texture and a medium head size. With an intense crimson color that shades off to a darker tone, she speaks of love that awaits a passionate expression.

The variety from the breeder United Selections opens beautifully in a traditional rose shape. Therefore it makes this the perfect rose for any occasion. If you are looking for an impressive red rose, Finally might be the right choice!

Rose Madam Red

Numerous traits make Madam’s Family with its Rose Madam Red stand out from most of the varieties already in the market but below are the most important ones:


Yes, you have it right, there are more colors in the Madam's Family. However, Rose Madam Red needs no introduction at all, this beautiful queen of red rose roses is an obvious choice for your Valentine's Day floral needs. Madam Red's shelf life, quality and opening on the vase will 'WOW' and serenade you with immense love.

Rose Red Torch

Rose Red Torch with its straight flowers gives this flower the impression of a bright red torch. Red Torch is a bright red-colored rose with a bright red heart as it blooms.


United Selections
Rose Red Torch


Rose Red Torch is currently grown by several farms in Kenya, but notably by Rift Valley Roses, and can be easily purchased at the auction, wholesalers, retailers, and designated florists. Ignite the flame of your love, with a befitting bouquet of this fiery red rose, Rose Red Torch.

Red Roses From United Selections

A red rose is the most treasured flower in the world. It is the most appropriate color for your sentiments, not only during Valentine’s Day but throughout the year. Red roses are the perfect gift for your loved ones in every season. Breeders always strive to provide cutting-edge red roses, able to perform across different altitudes and markets.



Red roses from United Selections are a testament to their commitment to breed, selecting, and introducing strong and proven varieties for the whole world to feel and experience a touch of its red roses.

Come and See

This breeder has an open-door policy across their showhouses around the world. So you are invited to come and see. Breeding a colorful future is a commitment. To live up to this, new red codes are also around the corner from the breeder, to continuously add more options for growers to choose from.


United Selections
Rose Madam Red


Through its dedication to contributing to the development of a strong and reliable floral supply chain through its sustainability approach, United Selections is always keen to enhance profitability across the entire floral chain. Sustainability is a philosophy, that has guided the breeder over the years in building resilient brands for its red varieties. This is proven by the strength of the rose Madam Red across different altitudes and markets.


Header and Featured Images by @United Selections. Thanks to Colonial House of Flowers and Floregineel for the designs, Photo credit Engagement GStar Roses.


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