Join the Experience of United Selection's Open House Days in Ecuador

Open Days provide a crucial opportunity to receive feedback from every attendee, fostering an environment conducive to continuous improvement.

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Open House days success

Every year in the month of March, United Selections hosts their annual Open House Days, an event aimed at introducing new rose varieties and flower trends to Ecuadorian flower producers, wholesale buyers, growers, and other stakeholders within the industry. The experience was very positive and they have a lot to share about the key takeaways, customer preferences, and which varieties conquered the eye of many visitors at first sight.

United Selections' Open House Days in Ecuador Culminated Prosperously

The event serves as a vital platform for disseminating knowledge about emerging varieties and market preferences, facilitating meaningful exchanges between participants, and contributing to the continuous advancement of the floral sector.

Furthermore, Hugo Cifuentes, Sales Representative of United Selections communicated that the Open House Days provide a crucial opportunity for them to receive feedback from each attendee, fostering an environment conducive to continuous improvement. Through these interactions, they can gain valuable insights into the needs and preferences of clients and partners, enabling them to refine their products and services to provide the most exceptional, high-quality roses in the market.



Catching a glimpse of roses and new novelties
Visitors enjoying their time at United Selection's most recent Open House Days


The open days of 2024 were truly exceptional for United Selections. In addition to recently, hosting this special week, last Thursday, March 14th, 2024 they also had the official inauguration of a new location. The highlight was the wonderful lunch attended by over 100 visitors on that same afternoon, making it an unforgettable celebration together at this new location in San Antonio.

Jelle Posthumus - CEO of United Selections adds:

“This new location is a new milestone; it has tripled in area, allowing us to properly test all the codes and varieties before bringing them to our showhouse. We're excited for this expansion and the opportunities it brings”


Showcasing rose varieties during open house days
Leonid Tapia, owner of 'Rosas el Corazon' showcasing a beautiful arrangement he made with rose varieties from United Selections


This year, the event took place from the 12th to the 15th of March, marking a significant gathering of industry professionals and enthusiasts. With a notable presence of more than forty exporting farms and ten trading companies, it attracted a diverse array of participants eager to explore the latest innovations in floral cultivation and trade.


Visitors during United Selections open days
Observing the quality, color, shape, and key characteristics of roses


Positive Feedback That Aims to a Bright Future for Roses

Throughout the four days, the whole team was very gratified to receive favorable feedback regarding their newest Standard and Spray rose varieties. Among the Standard varieties that garnered particular acclaim and rapidly caught the attention of many were Rose Peach Wave, Rose Rise & Shine, Rose Isla Bonita, Rose Madam Red, Rose Madam Cerise, Rose Confidential, Rose Cotopaxi, Rose Orinoco, Rose Fire House, Rose Pink Wave, Rose Nova Vita, and Rose Pink Dazzle. These varieties, distinguished by their unique characteristics and superior quality, captured the admiration of attendees, reaffirming their commitment to delivering excellence in floral varieties.


Rise and shine roses by United Selections
Rose Rise & Shine brightening up the ambiance of the event even more


United Selections rose varieties
Different rose varieties were featured during the Open House Days


Rose Isla Bonita by United Selections
The gorgeous Isla Bonita roses on display


In addition to the Standard varieties, United Selections also displayed their 'Blossoms' assortment', featuring an exquisite selection of Spray roses designed to captivate the senses and elevate floral arrangements to new heights of sophistication. From the visual charm of Golden Blossom spray roses to the grace of Wedding Blossoms, each variety in the Blossoms collection embodies a distinct attractiveness and beauty that resonates with discerning customers and aficionados alike.


White blossoms spray roses by United Selections
'White Blossoms's spray roses from the 'Blossom' collection


Constantly Looking to Revolutionizing the Industry

For the remaining months of 2024, United Selections will continue to revolutionize the industry with the introduction of new productive varieties tailored to meet the needs of producers, as well as aligning with market trends in terms of colors. Their commitment to innovation extends beyond mere novelties; they strive to offer solutions that enhance sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Gonzalo Luzuriaga with the So Bella team
Gonzalo Luzuriaga accompanied by the So Bella flower team


Attending an Open Days event is well worth it because attendees can discover a diverse range of novelties and popular varieties that are not only designed to meet market demands but also promote sustainable and environmentally responsible cultivation practices while networking with other peers as well.


Networking during Open Days


Hosting this experience was immensely gratifying for United Selections, as it provided an opportunity to forge meaningful connections with clients and friends while celebrating the power of the flower industry.


Photos courtesy of United Selections.


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