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Avance Roses is a close-knit family business, where the third generation of rose growers Van der Meijs is now at the helm. Every day, the brothers Robin and Frank van der Meijs and all employees ensure that each rose is harvested, processed and traded with the same amount of attention. With over half a century of knowledge and experience in growing roses of absolute top quality, you can rightly call them an experienced player in the market. In Avance Roses' greenhouses, using the latest (cultivation) techniques, the very best quality roses are grown all year round. By realizing an optimal greenhouse climate and the perfect dosing of the right nutrition, these roses acquire their bright deep red color and particularly long vase life.


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Avance Roses Avance Roses, Pastoor Verburghweg 7, 2651 KW Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherlands

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