The Flowers at the Naivasha Horticulture Fair
Naivasha Horticultural Fair Converges Flower Stakeholders for a Charitable Cause This horticultural event brings together different players in the industry from different countries.
Sep 27 | 6 min read
​Naivasha​ is dubbed the​ capital of Kenya's​ flower industry.
Why Naivasha Is the Undisputed Capital of Kenya's Blooming Flower Industry This town has over the years earned a remarkable reputation for being one of the most important regions in the country's flower industry.
Sep 21 | 7 min read
The Abundant Inspiration of Gaétan Jacquet wide feature on Thursd
The Abundant Inspiration of Gaétan Jacquet The renowned French Designer presents six absolutely fabulous must-see designs with the new Rose Red Bentley.
Feb 01 | 2 min read
Gaétan Jacquet Rose Red Bentley wide feature
Yet Another Red Rose? Not at all. Red Bentley is THE NEW red rose!
Jan 04 | 3 min read
Select Breeding Céline van den Berghe Rose Red Bentley feature on Thursd
A Love Letter to the Red Bentley Rose I decided to use these designs for my Christmas Cards. Totally swept off my feet by the romance of this beauty.
Dec 21 | 2 min read
Passion red roses featured on Thursd
The 11 Best Roses in Passion Red Color Have you always been a red rose fan? These are the top red rose varieties you surely don't want to miss out on seeing. 3,2,1, get ready to see the red queens!
Nov 17 | 5 min read
Rose Everglow Ruby Is Getting Prettier and Prettier feature wide - on Thursd
Rose Everglow Ruby Is Getting Prettier and Prettier Some plants get more beautiful when they come of age, like this exclusive garden rose.
May 10 | 2 min read
Rose Twister Select by Select Breeding feature on Thursd
Rose Twister Select Puts Your Garden on Fire It's impossibe to ignore this fiery, large, fragrant garden rose with its yellow, orange, red, and pink flowers.
Apr 19 | 2 min read
How to Become the Perfect Patio and Garden Rose feature - on Thursd
How to Become the Perfect Patio and Garden Rose? This is what it takes for a rose to pass the extensive selection procedures at Select Breeding.
Mar 30 | 3 min read

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