Alstroemeria Primadonna

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Twisted leaves and beautiful, brightly colored flowers: those are the characteristics of the alstroemeria. The alstroemeria belongs to the amaryllis species. It's a strong flower that blooms for a relatively long time. Although the alstroemeria is small when the flowers are still in the bud, when the buds open the flower is all the more exuberant! Thanks to the dark lines on the flower, it has an exotic feel about it. The exotic alstroemeria is also called Peruvian Lily. It is a reference to its natural habitat: the cool mountains of the Andes in Chile, Brazil and Peru. The flower was discovered there in the eighteenth century by the Swedish researcher Clas Alströmer. It was him who gave the flower its current name. Alstroemeria Primadonna is a densely branched, tuberous perennial with lance-shaped dark green leaves and a profusion of pastel pink flowers from early summer to fall. Long-lasting, the blossoms are adorned with pale yellow throats and mahogany streaks.  

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