Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Mellow

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About Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Mellow

Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Mellow

Dianthus Kiwi Mellow is a beautiful and strong green barbatus flower with big size and a perfectly round head.

Highly Decorative

With its unique flower, this Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi Mellow is a highly decorative eye-catcher in every bouquet. Its green pompom shape gives a fluffy feeling.


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The Selecta Group is a world leader in breeding, growing, and marketing innovative plants both ornamental and functional. Its breeding activities comprise bedding and balcony plants, houseplants, perennials, cut flowers, and young vegetable plants.

Selecta Cut Flowers

As a subsidiary founded in 1996, Selecta Cut Flowers is breeding, producing, and marketing vegetatively propagated cut flower plants, and has been offering a wide top-quality assortment of carnations, gerberas, gypsophilas, solidagos, and chrysanthemums for the horticultural sector worldwide for Selecta One.

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Over generations, the Selecta name has become renowned for innovative breeding and outstanding quality in the young plant sector. With production sites and sales offices spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, this breeder serves all relevant markets worldwide.

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