Gloriosa Superba

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About Gloriosa Superba

Very exclusive and used in special flower arrangements.

Gloriosa Superba

The Gloriosa Superba, a member of the lily family, comes from East Africa and Asia. This orange-red gloriosa is supplied from Tanzania almost all year round.

Very Exclusive Flower

This characteristic flower comes to full bloom and has a long vase life. The gloriosa Superba is very exclusive and is used in special flower arrangements. Gloriosas are native in tropical and southern Africa to Asia, and naturalized in Australia and the Pacific as well as being widely cultivated.

Gloriosa Care Tips

  • Take the flowers out of their packaging or vacuum bag and cut the stem diagonally at a height of approximately one centimeter.
  • Then put them in a clean vase with cold water and flower food.
  • In order to maximize the blooming time, do not place them too warm.
  • Check daily if the flowers are still in plenty of clear water.
  • Only change the water if it is cloudy. Also re-cut the stem after this.

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