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Rose Athena reminds everyone of the famous song: "White roses from Athens" by Nana Mouskouri. This rose enchants by its reliable opening of the flower and long vase life. Not only for producers but also for customers this rose is something special. The white flower contrasts beautifully with the dark, glossy foliage. Due to its quality characteristics, Athena plays a well-established role in the actual assortment of roses.

Thick Stems, Large Buds

Rose Athena, white/ivory-colored premium rose similar to Ecuadorian roses. This rose has thick stems, large size buds or flower blooms, and lively colors and lasts long after being cut. The Rose Athena is very popular with florists, supermarkets, weddings & events. Use these vibrant flowers to make elegant simple submerged centerpieces. Between the floral color and shape, not many other flowers are needed to make a statement.

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Kordes Rosen

Kordes Rosen is one of the most renowned rose breeders for garden roses, cut roses, and pot roses. Their rose varieties are introduced by their agents and general licensees in over 30 countries and in many parts of the world Kordes’ market share is very high. You will find roses from Kordes in many private gardens, public green spaces, and botanical gardens. The breeding and most of plant production of garden roses take place in their main branch in Northern Germany. All types of garden roses like climbers, shrub roses, hybrid teas, patio roses, shrublets, and floribunda are bred here, but also the breeding of cut roses for greenhouses and outdoor and the creation of new pot roses are done in Germany.
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