Colorita® Yentl

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About Colorita® Yentl

Attracting bumblebees and butterflies into them instantly in your garden


Colorita® Yentl

Colorita® Yentl is just like her sisters a feminine, seductive plant. Yentl stands out for her fringed petals. Bumblebees and butterflies love her big flowers for easy access and she will attract them instantly in your garden.

The Colorita® Series

Just like the other Colorita® plants, she can be placed on your balcony, terrace, patio, or garden. Availability: Spring/Early Summer.

Colorita® Care Tips

This garden plant requires very little maintenance.

  • To keep in pots on your terrace or balcony, water them regularly, especially on sunny days.
  • Colorita® is resistant to most diseases and pests.
  • Be aware of snails, they love to eat alstroemerias!
  • Colorita® is half-hardy and can tolerate mild frost. About 70% of the plants survive the winter in the Netherlands if left uncovered. Almost all the plants survive if they are covered with straw.
  • Plants in pots freeze quicker than when in the ground and are best placed in a frost-free spot during winter. When the plants start growing again in the spring some extra fertilizer will enable the plant to flower faster.

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