20 Flowers That Fit Into Your Genuine Pink Color Palette

The Floral Trend Color of the year 2022 is the great common denominator to match all that fits in the palette.

By: THURSD. | 27-11-2021 | 6 min read
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Roses are red, violets are blue... Yes, all that is true. But what do genuine pink flowers do? These are 20 of the hottest flowers in the Floral Trend Color Genuine Pink that are indispensable in today's designs. Flowers that will bring a smile to your face and melt your customers.

Why Genuine Pink?

Pink color schemes with orange, salmon, peach, and coral are versatile and gender-neutral, perfect for interior design, decor, and events. What an instant romantic sight, a color that everyone can cherish, every gender, race, sexual orientation, or philosophy of life. The Floral Trend Color of the year 2022, Genuine Pink, is the great common denominator to match all that fits in this palette.

Rose Romantic Antique

With her extra-large flower heads in muted pink, tending toward salmon pink in the center, she could be plucked from an old Dutch Masters painting. Along with her light lavender fragrance, she offers high impact, high value, and a wealth of romantic associations. Rose Romantic Antike is bred by Kordes Rosen and grown by Alexandra Farms and Rosaprima.

Vanda Sunanda Leopard Coral

What a splendid cut flower this is. Leopard Coral from Ansu Vanda fits magically into any arrangement, Just check the heavily spotted petals of over 10cms! No surprise this is THE vanda pick for the Floral Trend Color 2022 because this vanda is truly Genuine Pink.

Gerbera Spider Emotion

Gerbera Spider — also called Gerspider — Emotion shows the softer side of the Genuine Pink floral trend color for 2022. Developed and marketed by Holstein Flowers.

Lisianthus Pink

Lisianthus is working on an impressive march to popularity over the past years. And it has paid off. Thanks to the excellent quality this is one top-of-mind-product with most florists these days. Within the palette of the Floral Trend Color 2022 Genuine Pink fit many popular varieties, such as lisianthus Corelli Apricot by Lugt Lisianthus and Van Egmond Lisianthus.

Rose Pink X-Pression

Rose Pink X-Pression is deliciously bright. These pink garden roses have a ruffled center and open very large. This rose from breeder De Ruiter has beautiful pink blooms that will fill your arrangements with elegance. These awesome and long-lasting South-American-grown pink garden roses have touches of coral in their center.

Bouvardia Sweet Peach

Specialized grower Bouvardia grower Vreeken Bouvardia developed this 2021 novelty in their own nursery. With its beautiful soft peach color, bouvardia Sweet Peach is unique in the existing range of bouvardia colors.

20 Flowers That Fit Into Your Genuine Pink Color Palette - Bouvardia Sweet Peach
Bouvardia Sweet Peach

Phalaenopsis Odorion & Scention

These two phalaenopsis varieties Odorion and Scention give that romantic look, feel, and smell. Breeder Sion and grower Duijn-Hove did an excellent job producing these lovely plants that are marketed by Decorum.

Antirrhinum Pink

Antirrhinum, a.k.a. snapdragon, is a real summerflower. This antirrhinum majus Appleblossom peaks from June/July to September/October.

Tulip Pink Star

Tulip season is coming! And this Pink Star fits right into the soft pink color palette. The world-widely available double tulip Pink Star has full peony-like flowers in shades of magenta and pink with accents of apricot.

Rose Barista

Breeder Rosen Tantau hit just the right note when it developed rose Barista. It's one of the fine roses that are available at Decofresh. This rose instantly gives you a feeling of coziness and happiness. The mauve outside turning to a latte macchiato color in the center makes you look, and look again.

The Overwhelming New Rose Barista
Rose Barista

Peony Lois' Choice

Peony Lois' Choice really is a first-class peony. The flowers of this peony variety are heavily stocked with perfectly spaced petals. Lois' Choice is also a rich flowering and vigorous peony. Lois' Choice especially stands out because of the unusual color combination: pink - yellow - pink. You will find this top-heavy variety at My Peony Society.

Lulu Eternal Roses

Lulu Roses are Ecuadorian preserved and eternal roses that can immortalize moments for years. These are not artificial roses, yet the real deal. With special techniques, the rose is preserved either in its original color or dyed in a fabulous array of colors. Lulu is powered by Naranjo Roses.

Cymbidium Kensi

Cymbidium Kensi is a large-flowered cymbidium in bright pink and has a unique dark lip, which creates a beautiful contrast in the flower. One of the places to get your cymbidium Kensi is at the Decorum webshop.

Rose Secret Garden

With its magical color splendor awaiting to receive a story to be told, Secret Garden is the protagonist in weddings and is ideal in creating romantic bridal bouquets. With beautifully colored petals in shades of silver and lavender and a muted garden rose scent, this delicate rose is full of poetry and suggestion. Bred by Schreurs and grown by fine growers in South America, such as Naranjo Roses and Rosaprima.

Gypsophila Dyed Pink

Especially a grower like Malima is busy nowadays getting dyed gypsophila to a higher level. Surely a genuine pink variety must be available as well.

20 Flowers That Fit Into Your Genuine Pink Color Palette - Gypsophila Pink
Gypsophila Dyed Pink


In the range of dianthus, there are several choices to match the Floral Trend Color of the Year 2022 'Genuine Pink'. Two of these are dianthus hybrid Coral Pink and dianthus Candy Floss. These charming flowers with double petals romanticize any floral work of art.

Astilbe Pink

Pink astilbe will always cheer up your bouquet. This summerish flower comes in many shades of pink, from the lighter Avalanche to the darker Romanze.

Dahlia Café au Lait

This is the dahlia with probably the largest flowers. As big and big as her flowers are, her color is so delicate and delicate. When opened, there is a soft pink shade that changes to a creamy coffee color as the flowers mature. Café au Lait is a late-blooming Dahlia that needs time and warmth to blossom, but it is well worth the wait.

Santini Rossi Lobster

Rossi is a well-known and extensive series of santinis from breeder Floritec with excellent performance. The shelf life and transportability of this series is more than excellent and the series is therefore very well suited for further markets.

20 Flowers That Fit Into Your Genuine Pink Color Palette - Santini Lobster
Santini Rossi Lobster

Silk Flowers

Why not artificial flowers? They are so real these days that even florists have an eye on them. No surprise, because silk flowers producer Silk-ka was founded by the son of a florist over 30 years ago.

More 'Genuine Pink' Flowers

The range of colors that match the Floral Trend Color of the Year 2022 'Genuine Pink' is tremendous. Far more than just these 20 suggestions, of course. This is just the start of your quest for the perfect genuine pink floral arrangement. Go look around, ask your supplier, ask the grower or even the breeder for more. And enjoy a world of Genuine Pink.



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