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Since 1990 Malima Ecuador has been the main grower and exporter of fresh-cut flowers in the south of Ecuador. The farm believes in balance, innovation in their processes, quality of our products and social and environmental responsibility. Malima, with few other farms, are the top farms to have achieved a 100 % score for the Flor Ecuador certification, an integral Environmental and Social Certification for Ecuadorian growers
Innovating Every Day
The company invests constantly in agricultural and technological innovations which has made Malima the most specialized gypsophila grower in Ecuador. Latest innovation was to install a Fast Dry Cooling System (FDCS), reducing substantially moisture levels before packing the flowers.
Environmentally friendly processes
Malima Ecuador is are one of the most environmentally conscious farms in Ecuador, constantly improving our cultivation techniques to reduce the use of chemicals and water.
Recognized Quality
The renowned year-around consistent quality of Malima’s flower stems from our deliberate choice to select only the best plants coming from our own propagation laboratory. Strict cultivation procedures guarantee unmatched characteristics of Malima’s flowers such as uniform opening of all flowers and a long vase life.
New Products
Besides gypsophila Malima Ecuador is cultivating lysimachia , trachelium , dianthus green and delphinium Waltz Series. Eryngium to come starting 2021. What is special about Malima’s gypsophilia? Malima has set new standards for gypsophilia quality, as they bring it very open and fully uniform to the market, after a specialized process in postharvest, not depending on weather. They harvest the stems green in the open field and let the flowers open through a very exacting and controlled process. According to Thomas Sonnabend, manager of Maliflowers B.V., Malima’s wholly owned subsidiary in the Netherlands, selling the flowers more open has two advantages: As a customer of Malima you can sell them direct down the distribution chain and reduce inventory. Secondly, flowers which have been opened at the farm contain all necessary minerals to guarantee a long vase life compared to flowers being shipped more closed. Vase life of Malima’s gypsophila is 14 -16 days after arrival in the market.

Malima location

Malima El Cabo, Via Cuenca - Macas Km 28, Paute 010554, Ecuador

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