What Are the September Birth Month Flowers?

The aster and morning glory grace gardens and wild landscapes, bringing cheer to the twilight of summer.

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Morning Glory

September's birth month flower brings delightful surprises with two captivating blooms: aster and morning glory.

Unveiling its colorful palette as the last blush of summer touches the earth, September gives us not one but two captivating birth flowers: aster and morning glory (botanical: ipomoea). These botanical gems grace the gardens and wild landscapes, bringing cheer to the twilight of summer.

The September Birth Month Flower Duo - Aster and Morning Glory

The September birth flower duo, aster and morning glory, beautifully captures the contrast of warm summer days and crisp autumn nights. Aster's starburst-like appearance against the cooling September sky, with lush petals radiating from a golden heart, reflects celestial beauty.

In contrast, the deep and tranquil morning glory greets the dawn with heart-shaped leaves and welcoming blooms. Together, they mirror September's transitions and gentle balance.


Aster September birth month flower
Photo of an aster by @daniellep37


The Historical and Cultural Significance of Aster and Morning Glory

In the grand tapestry of history, the September birth flowers, aster and morning glory, have roots intertwined with human civilization as deeply as they are with the soil. The magical allure of asters, named after the Ancient Greek word for 'star' due to their star-shaped flowers, enchanted the Greeks, who believed they held sacred powers.

Victorian England embraced asters as part of the enchanting "floriography," where they symbolized daintiness and patience, yet remained a charming mystery.


morning glory september birth month flower
Morning glory photo by @banefolk


As for the captivating morning glory, its journey began in tropical America but soon spread worldwide. In Japan, it takes center stage during the morning glory Festival, a celebration of fleeting love and the ephemeral nature of life in its single-day bloom. In China, it found utility in both medicine and ceremonial rites, while Aztec priests in Mexico sought its hallucinogenic properties.

These ancient blooms transcend time, becoming symbols of cultural significance even in modern times. Their unique beauty has inspired September birth month flower tattoos, bridging the gap between ancient floral language and contemporary expression.

The Beauty of September Birth Month Flower #1: Aster

As autumn paints the world with golden hues, the September birth month flower, aster, takes center stage in a charming waltz. 

Scientifically known as aster amellus, this perennial beauty pays homage to the Greek word 'Amellus,' signifying its star-like splendor.


Aster outdoor Flower
Picture by @nurse.kate.the.gardener


Symbolic Meaning of the Aster

Starwort, as it is fondly called, graces fall gardens with vibrant colors, outshining the fading summer blooms. Across cultures and centuries, the aster has carried diverse symbolisms - love, wisdom, valor, and even magical powers, inspiring faith and evoking a hint of sadness.

In ancient beliefs, burning aster leaves kept evil serpents at bay, while the Victorian era saw asters as symbols of patience and elegance. Today, they stand as enduring talismans of love and elegance.

Color Symbolism of Aster

Colors play a crucial role in aster's symbolism, each hue telling its own tale. The common purple aster embodies wisdom and loyalty, white signifies purity and innocence, and red represents undying love. The pink variety exudes sensitivity and love, while the blue conveys trust and loyalty.

Aster's color narrative enriches its allure, making it more than just a pretty face in the garden. A gift of asters speaks volumes, symbolizing patience and anticipation, a perfect token for September birthdays.

Fun, Historical and Interesting Facts About Aster


The Charm of September Flower of the Month #2: Morning Glory

The morning glory, September's second birth month flower, exudes charm and whimsy. Its name beautifully captures its essence - a delightful nod to its habit of blooming early and closing by afternoon. 

Scientifically known as Ipomoea Purpurea, its name derives from Greek words 'ips,' meaning 'worms,' and 'homes,' meaning 'similar to,' reflecting its turning growth habit.


morning glory outdoor flower
Morning glory.
Picture by @banefolk


The Symbolism of Morning Glory

Symbolizing the start of a new day, morning glory represents renewal, rebirth, and fresh starts. In the language of flowers, it signifies unrequited love, embodying the fleeting nature of affection. 

Its ephemeral life, blooming at daybreak and withering by dusk, symbolizes mortality and the promise of a new day.

Color Symbolism of Morning Glory

Morning glories come in vibrant colors, with blue symbolizing trust, respect, and admiration, pink denoting romance, and white representing purity and peace. Each color retains its charm, making morning glory an eye-catching delight.

Fun, Historical and Interesting Facts About the Morning Glory


The Artistic Expression of September Birth Flower Tattoos

In body art, tattoos tell personal tales, and for those born in September, the aster and morning glory serve as unique symbols. These birth month flowers, brimming with beauty and symbolism, inspire gardeners, artists, and tattoo lovers alike, offering a compelling way to etch nature's allure and individual identity onto the skin.


Aster Flower Tattoo
Picture by @beckz_m


Celebrating September Through Body Art

Tattooing one's birth month flower, such as the star-like aster or the spiraling morning glory, becomes a lasting emblem of personal identity. Immortalizing the fleeting beauty of these flowers, tattoos offer a permanent tribute to September births and the tales they tell. 

Tattoo artists masterfully transform these September florals into captivating artworks, resonating with love, life's transience, or an ode to one's roots.


morning glory Flower tattoo
Picture by @vanzotattoo


Personalization and Meaning Behind September Flower Tattoos

Whether to commemorate life's milestones or to adorn oneself with intrinsic beauty, September's birth flowers - aster and morning glory - inspire expressive tattoos. Aster's tattoo may symbolize a potent love or positive transformation, resonating with meanings of love, wisdom, and valor. 

In contrast, a morning glory etching captures the transient nature of life and unbreakable bonds of love, reflecting themes of mortality and affection. 

The choice of hue adds complexity; a blue morning glory speaks of trust, pink hints at romance, while aster's shades vary from purity-inducing white to love-infused red, royal purple, or sensitive pink. 

Size, design, and placement further individualize these tattoos, with aster and morning glory offering a canvas for endless creativity, from delicate outlines to vibrant designs, each resonating with symbolic weight.

Embracing the Beauty of the September Flower in Everyday Life

The ethereal grace of the aster and the serene allure of the morning glory, September's birth flowers, resonate deeply with those born in this month, enchanting flower enthusiasts and beautifying daily life.

Integrating the September Birth Flower Into Your Life

Integrating aster and morning glory, September's birth flowers can transform both personal and professional spaces. Fresh aster bouquets add splendid decoration and ambiance to your home, while morning glory vines infuse gardens with serenity.

In the workplace, potted asters or morning glories foster productivity and creativity, with their lively hues and verdant presence. asters, embodying love and admiration, serve as a reminder of harmony among colleagues. 

Professionally, floral designs on presentations, business cards, or stationery can leave an impression, while gifting these flowers to clients symbolizes appreciation.

Beyond work, a vase with asters brightens your living room, and morning glory vines create outdoor tranquility. Consider pressing these flowers or adorning practical items like cushions or mugs for a unique touch.

In fashion, aster or morning glory motifs add elegance and an effortlessly chic vibe to outfits. These splendid September flowers, whether in decor or attire, can elegantly celebrate your birth month or simply showcase your affection for their timeless beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some of the most frequently asked questions about these magnificent symbols of September.

What Is the September Birth Month Flower?

September is a unique month, blessed not with one but two lovely birth month flowers - the aster and morning glory. These flowers hold unique charm and significance, adding a distinctive essence to September.

Are There Two Birth Flowers for September? If Yes, Then Why?

Yes indeed! September proudly boasts two birth flowers: the aster and the morning glory. This is not an anomaly, as several other months have more than one flower representing them.

The reason can range from regional variations to historical significance. It can also be attributed to different cultures and traditions where various floral calendars were developed. September, aster, and morning glory were chosen to reflect love, mortality, and the fleeting beauty of life.

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