The 10 Most Fragrant Roses Compiled Here

If roses alone cause quite an impression and impact on our daily lives, these perfumed roses will surely conquer your every day with incredible scents and colors as well.

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Who doesn't love pleasurably fragrant roses? As beautiful as roses are, one of their best characteristics is having a really enjoyable smell, which attracts us even more to their relentless beauty. We've built a special list containing the ten most fragrant roses that'll have you inhaling nothing but fascinating scents.

Introducing the 10 Most Fragrant Roses

You're going to want to get them all, trust us. The 10 most fragrant roses are Rose Prince Jardinier, Rose Yves Piaget, Rose Vitality, Rose Princess Charlene Of Monaco, Rose Keira, Rose Patience, Rose Cafe Latte, Rose Peony Pink, Rose Free Spirit, and Rose English Miss. Let's get this fragrant rose party started!

1. Rose Prince Jardinier

Rose Prince Jardinier is a member of the Meilland brand, which breeds and includes some of the most unique fragrance roses in the entire world. Rose Prince Jardinier is one of the 10 most fragrant roses, featuring a very pale pink rose with a very romantic aroma that blooms so spectacularly that can probably even grow to be larger than your fist. 


fragrant roses Rose Prince Jardinier
Rose Prince Jardinier. Photo: Rosas Del Corazon


You will be poking your nose in the center pollen for days since the smooth, swirling petals open wide enough to reveal the fragrant smell. To know more about it read the article: 'The Perfectly Pink Prince Jardinier Rose'.

2. Rose Yves Piaget

Once you see Rose Yves Piaget, you'll never forget it. This is a stunning dark pink rose with an average of 80 layers of petals and a beautifully powerful scent with a tinge of bright citrus, making it one of the 10 most fragrant ones out there. Similar to a huge scoop of strawberry ice cream, Yves Piaget's ruffled petals are a combination of dark and vivid to very light tones of pink and are very difficult to resist.


Rose Yves Piaget
Rose Yves Piaget. Photo: Star Roses and Plants


3. Rose Vitality

Rose Vitality is a lovely buttery-white rose that softly unfolds into a spiraling rosette. This garden rose is kept beautifully on sturdy stems and has a potent fruity fragrance, therefore listed as one of the most fragrant roses of all time.


Rose Vitality
Rose Vitality. Photo: Parfum Flower Company

For traditional hand-tied bouquets, Rose Vitality can be used alone, but it also blends wonderfully with other bridal roses.

4. Rose Princess Charlene of Monaco

This rose's aroma and color are enough to make you swoon. Rose Princess Charlene Of Monaco has apricot-to-shell pink ruffled petals and a luxurious, sweet fragrance that is totally deserving of the title of princess, making it into the top 10 fragrant roses.


Rose Princess de Monaco
Rose Princess Charlene of Monaco. Photo: Rosarium Lottum


This rose provides a fantastic choice for cut flowers due to its repeat blooming pattern. Large, gorgeously colored blooms are nicely framed by glossy, dark green foliage. If you're curious to know why this rose not only draws attention with its beauty but also with its incredible disease resistance and rain tolerance, read: 'The Enticing Rose Princess Charlene of Monaco'.

5. Rose Keira

Rose Keira makes part of the David Austin Wedding & Event Roses collection and features tones of marshmallow and blush making her sassy and gloriously unpredictable in terms of color. The scent of this rose is a medium-strong combination of myrrh, almond, marzipan, and vanilla.


Rose Keira
Rose Keira. Photo: David Austin Roses


Rose Keira is the most lovely shade of pink with an eclectic, modern edge and cupped blooms in every delicate pink hue, from raspberry ripple to clotted cream.

6. Rose Patience

Many brides have fallen in love with David Austin's Rose Patience because it is timeless and genuinely gorgeous. Her elegance and simplicity are ideal for any stylish occasion, plus has a very pleasant scent. Patience has a casual charm that lies in its creamy-colored center with a faint trace of buttery yellow revealed when charming milky buds ruffle out into ivory-sculpted cups of delicate, lace-like petals.


Rose Patience
Rose Patience. Photo: Garden Roses Direct


7. Rose Cafe Latte

Any vanilla fans around? Although the Rose Cafe Latte features a dark beige, more caramel color, the scent points all the way to vanilla. This is a really remarkable rose with a distinct ethereal color and a strong vanilla aroma when it first blooms.


Rose Cafe Latte
Rose Cafe Latte


The odd vintage antique petals that make up the Rose Cafe Latte are legendary. Learn more about this stunning rose in the article: 'Café Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst'.

8. Rose Peony Pink

There is nothing else like the beautiful Rose Peony Pink which is a stunning garden rose to have at home. Considered one of the top 10 most fragrant roses, this beauty also blossoms so perfectly that it resembles a peony and has the most romantic fruity aroma with notes of lemon and almond. You can read more about it in the article: 'The High-risk, High-reward Heavenly Scented Rose Peony Pink'.


Fragrant Rose Pink Peony
Rose Peony Pink. Photo: Parfum Flower Company


The bloom form of the flowers is medium and cupped. When fully opened, its delicate shell-pink petals resemble a peony.

9. Rose Free Spirit

Rose Free Spirit resembles an old rose found in the parks and gardens of European nobility, attracting a big crowd to it not only for its beauty but for its fragrant smell. Its exceedingly uncommon combination of red, yellow, pink, peach, and fuchsia tones cheers and uplifts. If you want to know why it's considered among the top 10 most fragrant roses, you'll have to buy it to see what we're talking about!


Rose Free Spirit
Rose Free Spirit. Photo: La Bella Rosa Flowers


10. Rose English Miss

Rose English Miss is a small-sized spray rose that is embellished with double-shaped, camellia-like flowers and has a rich, sweet scent with a spicy undertone. The blooms are typically carried in big clusters in the traditional floribunda fashion. The color of Rose English Miss is a delicate light pink, frequently with deeper pink margins.


Rose English Miss
Rose English Miss. Photo: C. Gregory Roses


As we love to say, stop and smell the roses, you'll thank us later!



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