World Gratitude Day Is the Perfect Day to Give Flowers

A global celebration of unity through appreciation and connection.

By: THURSD. | 21-09-2023 | 8 min read
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World Gratitude Day

In the swirling tempest of modern life, where each day holds its own cacophony of events, it's easy to miss the silver linings. In such instances, gratitude can sometimes feel like a fleeting emotion, a momentary pause to express thanks before rushing on to the next task. 

But once a year on the 21st of September, amidst the hustle and the noise, the world takes a unified pause and comes together in the harmonious symphony of appreciation. It's World Gratitude Day; an occasion not just to count our blessings but to connect on the profound human need to express thanks, heal the wounds, and bring the global community together.

Origins of World Gratitude Day

Gratitude isn’t new; it’s as ancient as humanity itself. But the consolidation of a global day dedicated to it has a story worth delving into!


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Birth of a Global Appreciation Movement

The journey to understanding the inception of World Gratitude Day takes us back to the 1960s, a time of transformation, change, and awakening.

It was in 1965, during a Thanksgiving dinner at the International East-West Center in Hawaii, that attendees, hailing from different parts of the world, felt a profound sense of unity and expressed a desire to have one day each year to formally express gratitude and appreciation for the big and small blessings in their lives.

The simple yet powerful sentiment took root and led to a day dedicated to global gratitude. By 1977, the United Nations recognized the vision, marking September 21st as a day for the world to pause and cherish gratitude's universal appeal.

Worldwide Significance and Reception

Imagine a compelling sentiment that transcends political boundaries, cultural barriers, and geographical divisions. The spirit of World Gratitude Day was eagerly embraced across the globe, fostering a culture of appreciation.

Gratitude is akin to a prism. When the light of human experience passes through it, it fractures into a spectrum of positive emotions, memories, and hopes.

Countries began to interpret and celebrate this day in their unique ways. From heartfelt letters of appreciation penned in the quietude of English homes to vibrant thanksgiving festivals in South American streets, the day found varied expressions.

In Japan, for instance, it merged seamlessly with their long-standing tradition of Ojigi - the art of bowing to express respect and thanks. Meanwhile, schools, institutions, and communities in many Western nations organized events, workshops, and gatherings, underscoring gratitude's pivotal role in interpersonal relationships and well-being.

Amidst the dissonant news headlines, socio-political divides, and the relentless march of time, World Gratitude Day emerged as a collective pause. A day to remember, reflect, and, most importantly, to say "Thank You."


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Picture by @Myriams-Fotos


The Global Impact of Gratitude

The gentle expression of gratitude might seem fleeting, but its echoes reverberate deeply, creating ripples across our globe’s vast emotional ocean. Understanding the global impact of gratitude helps us grasp the profound magic behind simple words like “Thank You.”

Benefits for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Gratitude is more than just politeness; it's a deep-seated remedy for our mental woes. Beyond courtesy, it's a balm for stress, anxiety, and gloom. Science highlights gratitude's healing prowess, painting it as a mental tonic. 

When we savor a stranger's kindness, a friend's affection, or a sunset's magic, we connect deeper with life's tapestry. Counting blessings pivots us from scarcity to abundance, slashing the stress hormone cortisol by a remarkable 23%. 

Furthermore, acknowledging life's positives triggers dopamine, our joy chemical. More than just a chemical dance, gratitude weaves belonging, combating the modern-day specters of loneliness and purposelessness.


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Celebrating Gratitude Worldwide - Diverse Traditions and Rituals

Across the globe, gratitude is a universal language, taking on colorful dialects unique to each culture. 

In Africa, feet stamp and drums reverberate as communities sing and dance to thank Mother Earth and fellow humans. In North America, Thanksgiving feasts become altars of gratitude, where turkey and stuffing symbolize blessings reaped. 

Mediterranean shores offer shared meals—olives, bread, and wine—as tokens of thankful fellowship. And in Japan, a bow speaks volumes; it's a humble choreography of respect and thankfulness. 

Different in expression but unified in essence, these practices weave a global tapestry of gratitude, reminding us that appreciation knows no borders.


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Picture by @tina_xv


Modern Expressions of Gratitude in the Digital Age

In the digital era, gratitude isn't lost—it's rebooted. Social media is our new gratitude journal, with viral thankfulness challenges spreading positivity. 

E-thank you cards might lack paper's touch, but they overflow with customized emotion, from gifs to memes. Even amid pixels and posts, the timeless virtue of thankfulness finds fresh avenues to flourish.

Flowers that Represent Gratitude

Just as words express our feelings, flowers translate our innermost thoughts into a silent and profoundly eloquent language. Regarding gratitude, no shortage of blooms echo our appreciation and thanks. Here's a closer look at some of these evocative emissaries of the garden.

Roses: Appreciation and Thanks

The rose, nature's emotive lexicon, speaks in hues. Red shouts love, but peach and pink murmur a subtle "thank you." 

Gifting these softly colored blooms is like a warm embrace in petal form, an elegant symbol of deep gratitude.


Bunch of Roses
Red roses by @gehnaadvani


Chrysanthemums: Honored Friendship

Symbolizing the sun, chrysanthemums radiate joy and renewal, especially in Asian cultures. These blossoms celebrate enduring friendships, illuminating life's darkest moments.

Gifting them expresses gratitude for unwavering loyalty, like sharing a sunbeam. A chrysanthemum whispers, "I treasure the depth of our connection."

Bluebells: Consistency and Everlasting Love

Like a natural sonnet, bluebells (botanical: Hyacinthoides non-scripta) adorn our world with enduring elegance. These springtime blooms, found in woodland tapestries, symbolize steadfast love. 

Gifting bluebells honors the receiver's unwavering support, their deep blue echoing oceanic depths—a poetic nod to gratitude as ceaseless as the tides.


Hand holding bluebells
Bluebells by posted with these words:
"Think that a worn dirty hand can pick these small fine clocks. To be able to see how beautiful and fine. To make someone feel seen. To make someone happy. Because if little can make a difference, then we can work wonders together."


Camellias: Longing and Admiration

With their perfectly symmetrical petals, Camellias convey a message of longing and admiration. In cultures across Asia, especially Japan, the camellia is revered for its aesthetic appeal and embodiment of the human soul's deepest longings. 

When you gift these, it's a testament to the depths of your appreciation and acknowledge how someone has touched your life, leaving an indelible mark.


Gratitude Day
Camellias by Wallpaperflare


Daffodils: New Beginnings and Eternal Life

Gifting daffodils is like offering a golden ticket to new beginnings and enduring joy. These blooms embody life's cycles—emerging early, fading fast, yet returning annually as resilient symbols of rebirth, much like their role in Greek mythology. 

A simple bouquet captures the essence of gratitude and promises a lasting cycle of goodwill.


In Love with Daffodiles Flowers
Daffodils by @AdinaVoicu


Pink Carnations: Gratitude and Motherly Love

Pink carnations are the floral balladeers of sentiment, historically the go-to bloom for Mother's Day. 

More than mere petals, they're a symphony of love and gratitude, softly whispering tales of enduring affection and gracious care. A bouquet of these isn't just pretty—it's a love song in floral form.


Pink carnations with envelope
Pink carnations by @xenia_nowa


Sunflowers: Adoration and Loyalty

Sunflowers stand as towering icons in the garden, their radiant yellow blooms echoing the sun's glory. 

Receiving a bouquet is like a burst of sunlight—each petal is a testament to enduring loyalty and love. Mirroring the sun in their celestial dance, they are living metaphors for steadfast devotion.


Cute baby with sunflower
Sunflowers by @jerabkova_katerina


Beyond Words - Acts of Gratitude

In the vibrant mosaic of human emotions, gratitude stands out as a testament to our capability to extend goodness, often with the ripple effects that transcend borders and cultures. But how does one transcend the limitations of mere words to express such a profound sentiment? Actions, as they say, often speak louder.

Building Stronger Communities Through Charitable Initiatives 

In a community steeped in gratitude, neighbors become allies, and local shops are support pillars. This sense of thankfulness manifests in generous acts that tightly knit the community— through neighborhood clean-ups, shared gardens, or mentorship schemes. 

These aren't just services; they're heartfelt 'thank yous' to the environment, the community, and each other. This graceful tapestry cultivates unity and belonging, fortifying the strong bonds of a community.

Envisioning a World United in Appreciation and Thanks

As we teeter on tomorrow's edge, let's speak the language of gratitude and live it, making it the bedrock of our global ethos. 

This won't erase all woes, but it can illuminate our journey. In this act of collective appreciation, we're not merely crafting a better tomorrow; we're sculpting a legacy that future generations will honor and perpetuate.


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