Jenny Thomasson represents the US at the Interflora World Cup 2023
Here's the US Interflora World Cup 2023 Competitor Jenny Thomasson The florist thrives in pushing the boundaries of American floristry and promoting the art form in a fresh and modern way.
Study to Become a Florist on Thursd Feature
Where to Study to Become a Florist? Read all the best options if you want to learn flowers.
Oct 14 | 5 min read
Laura Deluga AIFD Featured on Thursd
I Jumped at the Opportunity to Take Part in the FTD America's Cup During AIFD Symposium "I’ve always been a performer and a competitor, be it dancing in competitions and performing in shows during my entire childhood, or more recently being a traveling stage presenter as an Oasis Design Director."
Featured Solomon Leong at AIFD Symposium on Thursd
A Recap from AIFD® 2022 Symposium Roots On educational level as well as on beauty level, this Symposium was really top of the bill. Many champions and renowned designers took the stage and shared their knowledge enthusiastically.
Jul 25 | 9 min read
Araks Sarkisyan and Collegue, and Helena van Achterberg  - on Thursd
LA-Based Araks Sarkisyan Won Marginpar's Giveaway Tickets for 2022 Symposium "Roots" AIFD in Las Vegas This way Araks was able to visit this unique event bringing so many American florists together.
Jul 07 | 2 min read
Marginpar Give Away - Design Hanneke Frankema - on Thursd
Marginpar GiveAway - Two Tickets for the ROOTS Floral Education Symposium in Las Vegas Marginpar believes in education, and for them, it's a pleasure to be able to make two people extremely happy with free tickets for the Symposium of AIFD coming July in Las Vegas. 
Jun 03 | 2 min read
A Floral Interview With Ace Berry - On Thursd
A Floral Interview With Ace Berry From Fulshear Floral Design Texas - Finalist HBOMax Full Bloom Season 1 Celebrating creativity, community, and non-conformity through the art of floral design, that's what it's about.
Apr 23 | 11 min read
AIFD® National Symposium 2022 ROOTS Experience in Las Vegas  -  on Thursd
AIFD® National Symposium 2022 "ROOTS" Experience in Las Vegas The 2022 esteemed roster of presenters and educators have taken on the commitment to teach. They will inspire and enlighten at ROOTS.
Mar 23 | 3 min read
Gateway to the Americas International Floral Design Competition This cup has 27 floral designers that are representing their countries, mainly from the Americas and a few from overseas.
Mar 15 | 7 min read
A Floral Interview With Leanne Kesler Yes, “online” before online was a thing
Jun 03 | 4 min read
A Floral Interview with Sue Tabbal-Yamaguchi My achievements and dreams, goals, and thoughts
Apr 07 | 6 min read
Do You Know Hitomi Gilliam? We Bet You DO! One of the most remarkable women in floristry
Mar 03 | 4 min read

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