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Rose Lighthouse was the first member of what is called the 'House Series' from United Selections. With other members including Whitehouse and Brickhouse. This variety is deep, pure yellow even when fully open – a characteristic that other yellow variety species often miss. As such, this is the most popular variety in Latin America with decent market popularity in the United States, especially amongst the florists.

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United Selections is a premier rose breeder with years of experience. Breeding and Selection of new rose varieties takes place in Kenya. We use test locations all over the world in Kenya, Ethiopia, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan under different climate conditions at various altitudes to ensure presenting the best-adapted award-winning cut rose varieties. To optimize product quality in various markets, We have developed different product lines suitable for various markets and altitudes, which are released on a preferential basis. Our network of dedicated agents plays a vital role in our company; their involvement makes our company a healthy, inspirational, and thriving global organization.

Early Client Involvement

United Selections' success as a breeder is built on the results of its clients. That’s why we implemented the Early Client Involvement program, which allows us to select and breed varieties that will benefit everyone in the future. No matter the location, the doors of our global facilities are always open for our clients and relations, so give us a call to schedule an appointment.
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