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Rose Proud

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A dream in white.

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Rose Proud

Rose Proud is an eggshell white rose with a pointed stylized shape. Its combination of loud shape and pure color allows white to take a leading role in multi-color arrangements.

A Dream in White

The big head of Rose Proud is one of the many reasons why this abundant flower stands out. If you like the puristic style, you will love this rose. She only opens her petals slowly and thus remains in her fine shape, characteristic of purism. The dream in white is secured.

Rose Care Proud Tips

  • Use a clean vase
  • Flower food improves the life of your flowers significantly, and prevents the necks from bending
  • Cut a few centimeters off the stem at an angle to open the veins for absorbing water
  • Remove only the foliage at the bottom up to the point where the stem is in the water
  • Refill the water when it gets 'cloudy'
  • Keep the vase away from vegetables and fruits, because the ethylene gas produced by these will damage your flowers
  • Take dying flowers out, so they won't infect the others
  • Keep your flowers away from high temperatures and direct sunlight

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