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Peperomia Raindrop. I got this name because my leaves have a big rain drop-like shape. Because my leaves feel thick, you would think that I am a succulent plant, but that I am not. I belong to the family of the pepper plant. I also look like the Pilea Pancake plant, but my leaves are fuller and bigger.
I am a member of the Piperaceae family, also known as the pepper family, of which the most famous pepper is the ‘Piper Nigrum’, or the black pepper. Originally I come from South America and my family consists of a large group of flowering plants of about 3,600 species.
My hangout
My origin lies in the Amazon region and am used to a warm climate, I can tolerate sunlight, but I do not mind a dark place. The temperature in which I thrive is between 18 to 28°C. I am extremely strong and due to these characteristics I am often placed in environments where less care is possible.
Best conditions
I do not like dry soil, but try to prevent my roots from getting wet for too long. Give small amounts of water regularly, in summer once a week is sufficient, in winter it is sufficient enough once every two weeks. The amount of water depends on the size of the plant and the humidity of the environment where I am standing. The best is that the soil is dark brown, which will tell you it is not too dry. If the soil is black, the soil is too wet. I require a bit of plant food every month. If you would go on a vacation, you can better don’t give water then give water for a few weeks, because I do not like wet feet. Water only if the potting soil feels dry.
I’m an air cleaning plant
A good feature is that I possess a high air purifying ability and next to that I function as a natural air freshener. I neutralize harmful substances by absorbing them and breaking them down in my roots. I make the air healthier by converting CO² into oxygen. I also improve the humidity through my regulating evaporation process.

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