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Charmelia Blush

Flower Alstroemerias

About Charmelia Blush

Beautiful open red flowers making the colors directly visible

Charmelia Blush

Charmelia® Blush is an exclusive and very special new florinca-type cut flower with many branches topped by a rich floral crown. She is supplied with beautiful open flowers making the colors directly visible. Consumers find this very attractive.

Very Long Vase Life

Charmelia has a very long vase life and does not drop her flowers. She can be enjoyed for a long period.

Charmelia Blush Care Tips

  • You can enjoy your alstroemeria charmelia cut flowers for several weeks if you treat them well.
  • Place the flowers directly in a vase with flower food. If available: use special alstroemeria flower food. This ensures that the buds open beautifully, that the intense colors remain, and that the flowers last up to 60% longer compared to water alone. Also, it keeps the leaves nice and green.
  • Cut the stem 2-3 cm with a clean, sharp knife or secateurs.
  • Remove any fallen leaves from the water.
  • Refresh the water when it becomes cloudy.

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