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Chrysanthemum Chic

Real beauty starts with a good foundation. Look at the chrysant Chic, a whiter-than-white spray chrysanthemum. Distinctive because of the striking combination of snow-white flower ribbons in contrast to the fresh, bright green heart.

Stylish & Modern

Chic is a stylish, modern spray chrysanthemum. The flowers retain their ornamental value due to their excellent transportability and vase life. The great paintability makes Chic extra special: flowers in unusual colors for endless variation and the possibility to respond to trends immediately.

Chrysanthemum Chic Care Tips

  • Use a clean vase and fresh tap water
  • Add liquid or powdered flower food
  • Cut 3 – 5 cm from the stem using a clean knife or secateurs
  • Make sure there are no leaves in the water
  • Chrysanthemums, like all cut flowers, are sensitive to draughts and direct heat
  • Don’t place the chrysanthemums next to ripening fruit or vegetables. The ethylene produced by the fruit and vegetables makes the flowers die earlier
  • Top up the vase with fresh tap water
  • Refresh the water every few days when it gets cloudy

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The demand for flowers and plants is still increasing. The consumer is looking for something special. We are also constantly looking for new opportunities. This is the beating heart of our company. A large number of square meters in our greenhouse is reserved for the development of new varieties and cultivation improvement. As a result, our own crop advisors and account managers are able to advise and assist clients in getting the best returns from the product.

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