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Nephrolepis Emina With my fabulous leaf structure, I am a very special curl fern. My leaves can be compared to the tail of a dragon, hence my nickname ‘dragon tail’. As my leaves get older, spores of heaps form on the back of my leaves.
My origin lies in New Zealand and tropical Asia. My name is derived from Greek words: ‘nephros’ meaning kidney and ‘lepis’ meaning scale. These terms refer to the kidney-shaped cover leaves on the spores. The Nephrolepis belongs to the oldest group of plants on earth and is therefore frequently found as a fossil.
My hangout
I like a moderately sunny place, which means: not in the bright sun, but a pitch further away from the window. I’m fine with that. I prefer to grow in shady places. The ideal temperature for me to grow is between 18 to 25°C. Did you know that you can put me very well in places where the air is extra dry due to the use of central heating?
Best conditions
If the soil is constantly slightly damp, I will grow the best, but do not let me dry out completely. Start with small amounts of water per irrigation. The amount of water given depends on various factors, such as the humidity and amount of light. In the winter I will need less water. If the soil is dry too quickly, give a little bit more water. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, give less water at a time. If you give too large amounts of water at a time, my roots will end up in a layer of water and that can cause root rot. I require a bit of plant food every month.
I’m an air cleaning plant
A good feature is that I possess a high air purifying ability and next to that I function as a natural air freshener. I neutralize harmful substances by absorbing them and breaking them down in my roots. I make the air healthier by converting CO² into oxygen. I also improve the humidity through my regulating evaporation process.

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