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Philodendron atom: My family includes many different species, both trees, creepers and even shrubs. I am one of the best-known species because I catch the eye with my special leafs. Other philodendrons are also increasing in popularity.


My origin is in the rainforest of South America, and I am family of the Araceae. In the tropics I am a great climber, in your interior I climb easily along a moss stick or in a mesh rack. A branch can best be led back, so that I maintain a beautiful shape.

My hangout

In tropical areas I grow along large trees. I thrive well with less light, if the window is a few meters away, that’s fine. The temperature where I feel good is between 16 to 25 ° C. It is important that I do not always move from a light to a dark place, which will cause stress.

Best conditions

In the summer it is good to spray me regularly, especially my aerial roots appreciate that! The amount of water that I need depends on various factors, such my size and what my location is. The best is that the soil is dark brown, then you know it is not too dry. If the soil is black, the soil is too wet. If my leaves turn yellow, it is often the result of too much water, adjust the water supply accordingly to this. Give plant food once a week in the growth period, in the winter that frequency can go down.

I’m an air cleaning plant

A good feature is that I possess a high air purifying ability and next to that I function as a natural air freshener. I neutralize harmful substances by absorbing them and breaking them down in my roots. I make the air healthier by converting CO² into oxygen. I also improve the humidity through my regulating evaporation process.

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