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Firma Kap is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow plants of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum. When you walk into the nursery at Firma Kap, you enter a life-sized Urban Jungle containing five varieties of Scindapsus. For decades, Wim and Jeffrey Kap have been cultivating green plants with much passion at their nursery in Honselersdijk. It is warm and humid under the glass in the nursery, the ideal conditions for the plants to grow and develop! These Scindapsus come in standing and hanging variants and in 5 different pot sizes. An additional benefit of these trendy houseplants is their air-purifying effect, which is good for the environment! All of the plants leaving the nursery have been cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner. For example, Firma Kap uses geothermal energy and biological pest control as far as possible. When you pick up a plant from Jeffrey, you notice the Decorum quality because of the full extent of the plant and the number of shoots along with the moss sticks. In total, around 2 million of these green beauties are cultivated each year. Jeffrey supplies the best grade of plants every day with the compliments of Decorum.

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Firma Kap Harteveldlaan 21, 2675 LE Honselersdijk, Nederland

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