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JK Plant started in 2010 as a small seed. This seed was in the form of a garden of 11,000 m2 on which various seasonal products were grown. After one year it was time for expansion and JK Plant moved to a (3x) larger location of no less than 35,000 m2. Beautiful Amaryllises, Peperomia, Araucaria, Fatsia, and various bedding plants were grown at this location. In 2014 JK Plant started a new project; the purchase of the current location in Honselersdijk. This location has been completely renovated, resulting in a beautiful greenhouse of 21,000 m2. Here they passionately grow there a range of high quality, exclusive indoor and garden plants such as Araucaria, Dahlia, Fatsia, Spathiphyllum, and Petunia. JK Plant is a member of Air So Pure®. This is a group of growers with plants that have scientifically proven beneficial health effects. The presence of these air-purifying plants creates a healthier and more pleasant living and working environment.

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JK Plant JK Plant, Plaats 14, 2675 CK Honselersdijk, Nederland

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