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KP Holland is born to breed and bloom flowering plants: kalanchoë, curcuma, spathiphyllum, and mini plants, sold under the name BeMini Mix and Match. A family business with 140 passionate coworkers. What sets them apart is the provision of high-quality products and excellent service. They excel in supplying products that respond to the needs of the market and its customers. Their technically advanced cultivation system allows them to supply uniform batches. Whether orders are large or small, include labels or sleeves, need to have plants in ceramic pots, etc. - they can handle it. At competitive prices, of course, because this is essential. KP Holland is a member of Air So Pure®. This is a group of growers with plants that have scientifically proven beneficial health effects. The presence of these air-purifying plants creates a healthier and more pleasant living and working environment. KP Holland strives for an open business relationship with its trading partners and it also keeps them informed of market developments related to retail, home, and health trends.

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KP Holland Hoge Noordweg 29B, 29B, 2671 DZ Naaldwijk, Netherlands

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