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Van Seters is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow flowers of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum. Van Seters passionately runs the spray rose nursery where various special varieties grow and bloom all year round. Every path is checked daily in the nursery to cut harvest-ready spray roses. These are then sorted again by length, bud size, and truss volume. All orders are custom made in different packaging. Even paper packaging is an option at Van Seters! To allow consumers to fully enjoy the beautiful spray roses, flower food is added to the water. The flowers are brought to the auction twice a day and find their way to the customer. The cultivation conditions are optimized as much as possible by means of innovative technology such as a CHP, grow light, and nivolators. The Van Seters nursery will be connected to an adjacent geothermal energy project in 2020, as an alternative to the use of gas. Geothermal energy in combination with biological control are steps to cultivate the spray rose as sustainably as possible. This way, a consumer can enjoy the beautiful spray rose with peace of mind!

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Van Seters Kerklaan 138, 2678 SZ De Lier, Netherlands

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