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Fillco Roses is a company that has been present on the market for almost 15 years and, since then, has been successfully serving costumers through the U.S, Europe, and Canada. The Fillco roses farm is located in the beautiful and fertile Bogotá Savannah, at an altitude of 2600 masl, where weather conditions are suitable for growing flowers. This all combines to great human potential, continuous training, development of new technologies and environmental protection enables Fillco roses to offer first quality cut flowers. The commitment of the company to quality and innovation gives it the opportunity to continually introduce new products into the market. This, in turn, allows the company to offer the customer a perfect complement to any floral program through a broad selection of flowers for bouquets, consumer bunches, and floral arrangements. At Fillco Flowers they feel that a true partnership between two companies entails much more than just the selling/buying process of products. It is about helping their costumers satisfy the needs of the ever-important end consumer.

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Fillco Roses Fillco Flowers, Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

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