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Vip Roses is and always has been a family company. Brothers Marc and Ed Sassen transformed what once used to be their father’s rose greenhouse into a worldwide recognized name in roses. Now, after 35 years of commitment and hard work, Vip Roses' greenhouse is like no other. In their 3.5 hectares greenhouse, the Sassen brothers produce an array of breathtaking roses. They are however far from typical. Their passion for the beauty of a rose has led them to source out some of the most stunning varieties. The fun is in the hunt, a continuous search for the most unique rose variety. The brothers regularly visit various rose breeders on their quest to discover the next blooming gem. What is special about VIP Roses is that they give each rose time to fully develop in the ground. The Sassen brothers determine the optimal moment for each variety to be harvested. 80% of Vip Roses' production takes place between April and November, which means that they offer a truly seasonal product.  

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Vip Roses by Sassen Vip Roses by Sassen, Molenkade, Nieuwveen, Netherlands

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