Garden Roses and Colors That'll Be Trending This Wedding Season

One thing is certain — garden roses will always be in trend to beautify weddings.

By: THURSD. | 01-05-2024 | 5 min read
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Garden roses for weddings by Alexandra Farms

As couples get ready to tie the knot in style as wedding season is near, 2024 has brought in noticeable trends that perfectly encapsulate summertime romance. Everything from vivid citrus to pastel dreamscapes is important in setting the ideal tone for the big day, both for wedding bouquets and wedding decor. Garden roses from Alexandra Farms are undoubtedly a staple piece for every wedding and here are five trends that'll take over wedding season this year.

1. Citrus Colors for a Pre-Summer Vibe

Summer weddings are synonymous with bright colors that vividly express the cheerfulness of the season. This year, the citrus color trend takes center stage for weddings, featuring shades of green, lime, orange, and yellowish, paired with neutral-colored roses. Alexandra Farms' collection of garden roses is perfectly suited to fit this trend, and most importantly, start boasting the colors of summer which are coming in strong.


Spectacular wedding arrangement using Rose Catalina citrus color
A spectacular wedding arrangement using the beautiful Rose Catalina in a yellow citrus color mixed with citrus orange tones and hints of blue and pink as well. Photo by Alexandra Farms


Prolific bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces, and wedding decor adorned with garden roses such as Rose Catalina featuring a lemon-yellow color, Rose Sunset, boasting an orange color, Rose Princess Midori Spr in green, and Rose Effie (Ausgray), showcasing a lovely yellow color can infuse weddings with a tropical, summery feel. Fresh and lush — two characteristics that are expressed by these spectacular flowers.

2. Bold Colors as the Main Character of Table Centers and Bouquets

Bold, statement-making colors are also bound to steal the show as couples opt for eye-catching table centerpieces and bouquets. Garden roses, with their large head size, infinite petals, and rich shades serve as the perfect focal point at weddings. Picture tables adorned with arrangements featuring bright red, orange, and bright pink garden roses accompanied by greens and a few extra filler flowers. Or picture a bride holding a spectacular wedding bouquet with deep red tonalities.


Wedding bouquet with Rose Tess
Wedding bouquet using Rose Tess.
Photo by @floraisonparis


If what you're looking for is a dramatic effect at a wedding, strongly-colored roses will be the perfect fit. Varieties such as Rose Tess (Ausyacht), Rose Hettie (AUSCP17117), and Rose Edith (Auspluto) in bright yellow and pink colors, Rose Miyabi showing pink to cream-colored patterns, Rose Lavender Bouquet, and Rose Precious Moments in a deep mulberry tone are perfect for weddings. Just like the bride, these flowers will shine bright wherever they are placed.


Boldly colored arrangement using garden roses by Alexandra Farms
Bold colors mix to create the perfect wedding palette. Photo by Alexandra Farms.


3. Wedding Arches in Neutral Tones

Neutral tones continue to reign supreme, especially in wedding arches that frame the couple's exchange of vows. Soft whites, creams, nudes, and light peach tones create an iconic backdrop for the ceremony. Alexandra Farms has a spectacular collection of garden roses that perfectly complement these neutral palettes such as Rose Quicksand, Rose Sahara Sensation, Rose Juliet (Ausjameson), and Rose Miyabi Brown.


Wedding arches with roses from Alexandra Farms
An abundant aisle of flowers and arch, perfect for outdoor wedding inspo using Rose Leonora, Rose Patience, Rose Purity, and Rose Eugenie. Photo by @jannabrowndesignco.


Many brides opt for neutral colors for their weddings because they look more classic to their eyes and colors may be easier to combine as well. These colors' understated softness and grace add a touch of romance to the arches, building up the romantic atmosphere of the moment.


Wedding arch with neutral and a little pastel tonality
Creamy white roses complement soft, warm tones in pink, resulting in a romantic approach to a spring wedding. Floral design by Katie Noonan,(@noonansdesigns) and photo by @ashleyludaescherphoto.


4. Wedding Arrangements and Bouquets Using White and Light Yellow Tones

For brides seeking contrast and sophistication, weddings featuring white and yellow tones have become a popular choice in what has been of 2024. For these celebrations, these will continue to trend and will be colors that act as the main attractions of events and weddings. Pairing creamy whites with soft yellows creates a final composition of flowers that emanates elegance and magnetism.


White and neutral tones for weddings
White and neutral tones for a wedding table decoration. Photo by @jannabrowndesignco.


This color combo of roses blends flawlessly for a real wedding 'I do' vibe all around! Some varieties that decorate a wedding flawlessly would be Rose Leonora (Auswagsy), Rose White Cloud, Rose Princess Miyuki, Rose Beatrice (Auslevity), Rose Purity (Ausoblige), and Rose Catalina.


Full white wedding bouquet
Full white wedding bouquet using Rose White Cloud, Rose White O'Hara, and Rose Blanche put together by @springhillflowers


5. Pastel Colors for a Fairytale Vibe

Pastel colors and roses? It's a deal. Not only does this combination work for weddings but for overall events. Pastel-colored garden roses will never go out of trend because they fully embrace the look of a fairytale story. Pastel colors continue to fascinate couples planning their dream weddings. Soft pinks, lavenders, light blues, and peachy colors create a romantic atmosphere straight out of a storybook.

Some of the favorite varieties include Rose Princess Fairy Kiss in baby pink, Rose Bessie (Ausperidot), Rose Patience (Auspastor), Rose Princess Hitomi, Rose Princess Holly's Hope, Rose Miranda (Ausimmon), and Rose Sabrina among many other beautiful pastel-colored garden roses.


Table center using pastel roses by Alexandra Farms
A colorful aerial installation by @fancyfloralsbynancy for a wedding table center in pastel colors


This wedding season make sure to spread the love with roses and flowers. Besides the bride and groom, flowers play a vital role in the ambiance and overall feel of a wedding. These trends will be very noticeable in this year's wedding celebrations and Alexandra Farms cannot wait to see how their garden roses are used in wedding creations.


Princess Hollys Hope for wedding bouquets
Rose Princess Holly's Hope used in a wedding bouquet. Photo by Alexandra Farms


What other trends do you think will take center stage in weddings this year?


Header image by @ashleyludaescherphoto.


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